Sterling Silver Gift Ideas

I have always preferred sterling silver as my choice for jewelry. In my humble opinion, I think it lends a look of elegance that gold cannot offer. When I was researching sterling silver, it turns out that many kings and kings from long ago shared my feelings about sterling silver. It is versatile, looks great with just about any outfit and will last you a lifetime. Another great reason to opt for sterling silver over gold is the price comparison. Overall, sterling silver is much more affordable than gold, so if you are on a budget, sterling silver is perfect for you. If you have not purchased that special someone their Valentine’s Day gift yet, here are a few items that are made from sterling silver:

Sterling Silver Gifts For Her On Valentine's Day

Sterling Silver Gifts For Her On Valentine’s Day

  1. Jewelry Box: I for one, do not have a nice jewelry box and would love it if my man got one for me. Make it out of sterling silver please!
  2. Picture Frame: I am a huge photo bug and am always on the hunt for a nice picture frame. I would love my sweetie to give me a sterling silver picture frame with a picture of the two of us in it.
  3. Bottle Opener: If you have a bar, or just enjoy an adult beverage on occasion, giving a nice engraved sterling silver bottle opener would be perfect!
  4. Candlesticks: Nothing beats a romantic dinner by candlelight for Valentine’s Day. A pair of beautiful sterling silver candlesticks would make me super happy!
  5. Jewelry: I am always a sucker for beautiful jewelry, especially if it is made from y favorite precious metal; sterling silver. If said jewelry is from my favorite company, Baroni Designs, I know my man is getting a big Valentine’s smooch from me!

Baroni Designs

I first fell in love with then when I reviewed the Trinity River Necklace in my post, “Unique And Beautiful Handmade Jewelry“. I also received the stunning Headwaters Earrings from the Emerald Forest Collection, which I reviewed in my post, “Five Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Ideas.” This time around, I decided to go with my favorite metal, sterling silver. With this versatile choice, I can wear it with jeans or my little black dress and everything in between. Baroni Jewelry has so many smart choices in silver or gold, for both men and women. You can choose from several charms, chains, bracelets, earrings, rings and more.

I received the delicately beautiful Flowering Mandala Earrings, which retail for $40. These tiny treats are perfect for me as I tend to wear my earrings 24/7. To pair with my earrings, I chose the super chic Saddle Ring, which sells for $110. This ring has a really interesting shape and I have already gotten so many compliments on it. I love the smooth satin finish of this ring and how elegant it looks with everything I wear. It just adds such a dramatic statement to whatever I chose to wear with it. Be sure to follow Baroni Jewelry on Twitter,Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will win the Mandala earrings and Saddle ring, ARV $150.

Which of these sterling silver gift ideas would you like to receive on Valentine’s Day?