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It is so funny when I look at my husband and I because we are so different. We have both wondered more than once how in the heck we got together in the first place! He is all about sports, only eats meat and potato dishes and thinks bed skirts are stupid. I love art, music, laughing and am addicted to the computer. I am not sure my husband would even know how to turn on a computer let alone use one! If there is one thing we both have in common, that would be our forgetfulness. We are constantly losing our keys and cell phones and if Caitlin did not have a phone to call ours when they were lost, we would never find them! I know we need something that can help us keep track of our possessions. And no, I am not interested in getting “The Clapper” to help me find my keys and cell phone.  Thank goodness for iLoveHandles and their clever products for people like my husband and I.
Stop Losing Your Keys

Stop Losing Your Keys And Cell Phone

I am not ashamed to admit it when I need help and several of the products from iLoveHandles did just that! This forward thinking company was started by two friends who met in architectural grad school. One of them had a background in graphic design and business and the other in product design. What a match made in geek heaven! Instead of settling for being a boring company, they inject a sense of humor into their products. Not only are their cleverly designed products that looked cool, were unique with a touch of whimsy and were useful.

I received two great products that were designed to help people like my hubby and I to stop losing your keys and cell phone. The Plank is just a simple piece of wood that hangs perpendicular to the wall. It has a really strong magnet at the bottom that can easily hold your keys. We tried two sets of keys and they held perfectly, so if you have two drivers, this is perfect! We put The Plank on the wall next to the door, so we can hang the keys and lay the cell phones as soon as we walk in the door. Genius! The other product we received is Pinhead who is as adorable as he is useful. Caitlin begged for this one for her iPhone, so we relented. Now she can come home from school, reach over to her night stand and charge her phone. It works great and is the cutest docker ever! You can purchase these products for $29.95 and $19.95 respectively from the iLoveHandles website.

Two USA readers will win their choice of The Plank ($29.95) or Pinhead ($19.95)


  1. Love the Dirtbag, so cute. Great products, fun and functional. The Plank is a great idea.

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  3. Dirtbags, love the name. I always have a filthy screen, can’t figure out why it is always so dirty.

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