Health and fitness has emerged as a rising trend in recent years as the average person begins to realize just how important it is to keep in tip-top shape. We’ve seen brands around the world respond to this focus on health with new and incredible products, such as heart-rate monitoring sweatbands, countless forms of wearable tech, fitness tracking applications, and even clothes that help to ensure better performance.

However, it’s not just the technology sector that has seen developments as the fitness industry has evolved. Companies have also started to realize that if they want to get the attention of modern consumers, they need to make their clothes and accessories as fashionable as possible. After all, as fitness becomes more popular, it also becomes more “stylish.”

The change in fitness wear

The modern industry for athletics is worth around $97 billion, and there’s a good reason for this. Thanks to the development of new technology, styles, and more, athletic gear has evolved from something that we only really wore to the gym, to something that we include as part of our everyday wardrobe. In fact, almost every major retailer is trying to earn their slice of the consumer market.

For women in particular, athletic wear is constantly evolving. Just like the various forms of new exercise that have grown increasingly popular over the years, performance wear such as shorts, shirts, and even footwear have changed to match the needs of each activity. Women’s apparel and workout clothes for women are now more fashionable and effective than ever before.

For instance, back in the 1970s, when it came to fitness wear, the stores were filled with high-waisted shorts, mirroring the trend of the time when hot pants and Daisy Dukes ruled the market. The new millennium has given way to a sleeker, more fashion-forward trend for athletic wear, which continues to remain popular today. Personifying the athletic fashion trend for most people is the “yoga pant”, a comfortable yet effective solution for working out and everyday wear.

Yoga pants were so popular that they evolved into a fashion trend in their own right, produced in almost every pattern and length that you can think of.

sportsbraThe evolution of fitness fashion

The world of fitness has come a long way since the 70s introduced the very first sports bra for commercial production. Ever since then, companies have been looking for new and improved ways to make sure that the fitness apparel that they produce is not only comfortable and practical but also stylish enough to be worn at any time of the day – regardless of whether you’re working out or not. In recent years, we’ve seen the sports bra continue to develop, to not only offer comfort to women but also provide better support and fit.

Ultimately, brands are starting to realize that if they want great results from their customers, they need something more than functionality – they need practicality without sacrificing looks. This trend can even be seen in the shirts that people wear for fitness today. For instance, back in the 70s, simple and form-fitting shirts were often paired with hot pants to complete the day’s “athletic look.” The options gave more flexibility and comfort, but left much to be desired in the way of fashion.

Today, we’re still getting those incredible form-fitting styles with short tanks, velour track jackets, and sports bras, but brands are now introducing new forms of style. They’re combining things such as compression wear and performance-enhancing materials that reduce sweat with stylish new patterns that take advantage of the current fashion trend. Combine today’s athletic wear with the latest wearable technology, and you’ve got everything that you need for a fashion-forward workout.

The world of workout wear has changed

Today, the world of workout wear continues to evolve as we all become more health-conscious, and as fitness becomes an increasingly larger part of our lives. The industry for fitness is growing at an incredible pace, with new products being released every day, from new clothing to fitness accessories and technology. The fact that modern companies have adapted for more stylish clothing is no surprise if you consider the fact that a lot of people put confidence first when it comes to their workouts.

The more confident that you feel in your workout clothes, the more likely you are to go to the gym and focus on improving your health. At the same time, gorgeous workout clothes mean that brands can sell their products to people who have no interest in fitness at all!