Stylish Headphones For Kids From Aerial7

I am an uber music fanatic and I have passed that obsessive love on to my two daughters. Both girls have played the violin, sang in chorus and my oldest has gone on to playing guitar and singing a lot. When I was a teenager, I would spend hours listening to music in my room, with my mom yelling at me to turn the music down, or better yet, off. Well, true to form, Chelsea was like that as a teen and now Caitlin is following suit. Since we got her an iPhone, she has downloaded a ton of music and is constantly listening to it. If she is not listening to music, she is watching videos on You Tube or Netflix. I am more than happy to have her occupied with that except, she is like me and loves to crank up the volume to an ear splitting level. Now that I have a nursing degree, I know how damaging that can be and I cannot let her damage her ears. It could not have been better timing when I was asked to try out a pair of headphones for kids from ARIEL7. This company is not only known for their awesome sound products but for their amazing aesthetics as well.

Stylish Headphones For Kids

I am a wanna be rock star who is a mom to a wanna be rock star daughter. Rock stars crank the music up to seventyeleven, not just 10. Oh, and if you are a wanna be rock start teenager, you must have headphones that look good. So my daughter wants stylish headphones for kids while I want headphones that will be safe for her young ears. With the Aerial7 Arcade headphones, you get the best of both worlds. You get colorful graphics that cover headphones that are engineered to be safe for young ears like Caitlin’s.

The Arcade headphones reduce the volume level as well as the sound pressure to a safe level. With the Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR) technology and the cool look, I get what I want and Caitlin gets what she wants. The company, Aerial7, was started by 3 friends in 2008 who wanted to put out a product line that rocked in looks as well as in performance. With a passion for art, music, fashion and street culture, the 3 friends have meshed fashion with technology and have done so quite effectively. You can purchase the Arcade headphones from Aerial7 online for $35.00, along with their many other products.