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Stylish Shoes For Men That Are Comfortable

My poor husband’s position in our family is sometimes like a third wheel on a date. Me and the kids tend to steamroll him on a lot for decisions like what movies we see or what we are going to have for dinner. When it comes to fashion, he willingly puts himself at the back of the line. Like most guys, he is not that into fashion and is happy to wear the same few pairs of shoes, shirts and shorts in his closet. The only reason he ever gets anything new to wear is if we have a special event to go to and he does not have the proper attire. Well, Caitlin is starting high school this year and she put her foot down and told my husband he better get some nicer clothes if he planned on attending any of her school functions! Well, thank goodness I found the highly fashionable and stylish shoes for men from Hey Dude Shoes!

Stylish Shoes For Men That Are Comfortable

My husband is a pretty down to earth and man of simple taste. He is happy to wear his sneakers, shorts and a tee shirt. The problem with that is he is happy to do that in every situation! When we had Caitlin in the school play last year, she was mortified when he showed up in his “uniform” of sneakers, shorts and tee. That would be the proverbial straw that broke Caitlin’s fashion back (so to speak). So, I did a lot of searching for a company that made stylish shoes for men that are comfortable as they are good looking. Because Chris wears sneakers virtually year round, “dress” shoes are almost a taboo for him.

We were sent the Vinci style from Hey Dude Shoes in charcoal and they are really good looking. But, any company can make a good looking shoe, but the trick is making one that is incredibly comfortable as well. These shoes have an ultra light outer sole which is paired with an equally light and soft insole. The result of this flex and fold technology is a pair of lightweight shoes that feel so good you may not want to take them off! Chris said they are as comfortable as a pair of slippers and he has been wearing them just about everywhere! To say our mission to give his feet a fashion makeover was  a huge success! You can purchase the entire collection of Hey Dude Shoes from their website, which includes the Vinci which retails for $100. They will be adding a women’s line soon, so stay connected through their Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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