Stylish Yoga Shoes For Women

So, I turned 50 a few months ago and to say I freaked out a little would be an understatement! I have not had such a reaction to any other birthday sans my 25th. For that one, I good a good freak out going for that as well. Maybe it is something about things happening to me in increments of 25 or something! In conjunction with my turning 50 I have also been working on getting healthy. I have been on Medifast and had been finally able to exercise after a 2 year struggle with a back injury. Just when I was getting back into the swing of exercising, I injured my ankle and shoulder. So, since I have been healing those boo boos, I decided to start doing yoga because it was recommended by my doctor. Because I love to be outdoors, I thought doing my yoga moves outside would be a great thing. So, I started looking for some stylish yoga shoes for women. One of my favorite shoe brands, Ahnu, happens to have a ton of great looking shoes. That is why I decided to start and end my search with them!

Stylish Yoga Shoes For Women

Because I planned to do a lot of my yoga outside, I needed a very good pair of shoes. The last thing I needed to do was go outside barefoot and get yet another wacky injury! I have been in love with the Ahnu brand for several months, so I knew I would find an awesome pair of shoes. Ahnu got its start when 3 friends who were athletes who preferred the outdoors to a gym. The trio was searching for a way to marry fashion and performance in a line of shoes. The result allowed their customer to get outside and play hard knowing their shoes could take whatever was put in their path. Another big reason I love Ahnu is that they were as dedicated to giving back as they were designing a great shoe. Since 2007, the company has donated $250,000 to charitable organizations.

I chose the adorable Karma in black from the line of stylish yoga shoes for women from Ahnu. This shoe is as good looking as it is comfortable. They are lightweight, which is perfect for practicing my yoga because they will not weight me down or throw off my balance. The soft leather is comfortable and soft, the heel has a stretch to it, giving you more flexibility. The micro-suede foot bed is not only soft but cushions your step as well. The traction on the bottom are perfect for my outdoor exercise. Because the shoes are so comfortable and stylish, I can do my yoga and move right on to running errands or grabbing lunch with my friends. These shoes were the perfect choice for me and I am looking forward to many years of comfortable wearing. Stay connected with Ahnu by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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