Summer Fun For Kids That Teach

Summer Fun For Kids That Teach

To keep your kids learning while out of school, why not find summer fun for kids that teach?  I am blessed to have kids who enjoy learning all year round.  I try to just teach when the opportunity presents itself, like math at the grocery store or using $1 words and give the definition.  I didn’t think the kids paid attention when I did the vocabulary thing until Henry (at age 5) surprised me one day.  We were in a group and someone said the kids wouldn’t like a particular item and Henry pipes up and says “Well, actually, I would like that very much”.  Hilarious!!  It never hurts to combine fun and learning so your kids can learn to find opportunities for that in everyday activities.  With record breaking heat already this summer (103 today in Knoxville); it becomes even trickier to keep your kids occupied while they are inside.

Plankton NetEducation Insights has been designing high quality kid’s products that are imaginative and entertaining.  They have come up with such fun, informative and enjoyable toys and activities for children.  My kids have used a few of their products and they were loved often!  With their home operations in Southern California, Educational Insights design team consists of educators and parents alike.  Their philosophy is that learning MUST be fun as well as informative.  The Educational Insights product line includes items for the classroom or home school environment, teacher resources, educational toys, and games. What is fantastic is that Educational Insights also knows with our current economy, their products must be affordable as well and they really are.  Because the items from Educational Insights are such high quality, they really do last for a very long time.  My kids outgrew their toys but they were still in excellent condition.
Find Cool Insects This Summer

Find Cool Insects This Summer

Why not take your kids on a bug hunt to find cool insects this summer?  Educational Insights has two VERY cool kits for learning about bugs and plankton (Shout out to Plankton on SpongeBob Squarepants!!) for the younger and older kids.  My family was given the GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Bug Net™ ($29.99) for ages 4+ and the GeoSafari® Plankton Net for kids 8+ ($24.99).  Can I tell you how incredibly cool these two items are?  WOW were we so impressed with so much about these products!  The Talking Bug Net has a net that is made with strong netting and tough plastic handle and plastic bugs that are nice and chunky for little hands.  You activate the net for fun fact or quiz mode by either putting a bug in the net (fun fact) or you are asked a question and put the bug you think the question refers to and the net tells you if you are right or not.  For instance: Did you know that a spider has 48 knees?  Me either and Henry thought that was so funny he told everyone!!  With dozens of bug facts, phrases, games, and instructions, your kids will have tons of fun with this!  The Plankton net is really cool for older kids.  You take the net to a natural body of water (fresh or salt) and skim the surface with the net.  How cool is it that you can take the Plankton Net to the beach or the lake and the kids can learn while on vacation!!  There is a removable plastic collection cup attached to the net which will show you what you have caught.  We have a creek that runs through our yard and the kids spent all morning finding a ton of plankton as well as a few stray crayfish!!

Find Cool Insects This SummerWe also received the GeoSafari® 360 mm Telescope and Microscope Set ($89.99) from Educational Insights.  Henry had a blast looking at the plankton he caught from his Plankton Net up close and personal!!!  If your kids are older and are into astronomy, they can go star gazing with the 360 mm Telescope.  Henry and Caitlin both went outside with the telescope in the afternoon to look at trees and other items way up high and as night fell, they spent almost 2 hours looking at stars.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of the Ah-Mazing products from Educational Insights.

One reader will win their choice of either the Talking Bug Net ($29.99) or the Plankton Net ($29.99).

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