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Summer Styles For Kids From The Childrens Place Review

Summer Styles For Kids

It is time to chunk the kid’s school clothes and get new summer styles for kids.  Whether your kids wear a school uniform or they are able to choose their own, they still face restrictions to their personal style.  When summer comes around the kids are allowed more freedom in choosing their wardrobe.  My kids love lots of color and patterns while at the same time they need comfortable clothing.  Henry LOVES baggy shorts and big tees while Caitlin loves girly girl colors and girly girl clothes, but they are both very vocal about what they like.  I try to let them choose their own clothing as often as possible because it is their clothes not mine so they should have the final decision (within reason).  When buying summer clothing, I look for style but I also need to pay attention to the price.

Where can you go when you need cute, well-made and affordable clothes for your kids?  I always go to The Children’s Place because I can trust them to fulfill all of my requirements for my apparel needs.  One thing I love about The Children’s Place is the selection is so huge. Not only can I find cute clothes for the kids but they also sell bathing suits, accessories and shoes.  Because I know most of our readers know about the cute clothes from the Children’s Place, I wanted to tell you some facts that you may not know about the company itself.  The Children’s Place has a code of conduct that not only holds their employees to a level of excellence, but they do the same for their suppliers.  It is crucial for anyone connected to The Children’s Place that they obey all legal and ethical regulations, which includes child labor laws, fair compensation and treatment of their employees as well as their supplier’s employees.  The Children’s Place makes absolutely sure that their customers, employees and suppliers are treated fairly, and have a safe environment to work in.  With the Children’s Place existing relations in the USA as well as well as worldwide, they make certain all cultural, ethical and fair practices are upheld everywhere.  I hope when you make your next purchase with The Children’s Place you can feel good knowing your purchase came from a top notch company.

Cute Childrens Clothes For Summer

I can’t think of a better place to find cute childrens clothes for summer than The Children’s Place.  I was given the opportunity to review some items for both of my kids and we had so much fun choosing their items.  Henry choose the Monkey graphic tee ($4.99), red matchable shorts ($3.99), the hibiscus flip flops ($3.99) and the red checkerboard sun glasses ($2.00).  Caitlin has advanced into teen sizes, so she choose the pink rhinestone sun glasses ($2.00), the purple beaded hair twist ($3.00) and the fun flower flip flops in pink ($7.99).  As you can see from the pictures, the kids thought they were pretty cool in their new outfits and accessories from The Children’s Place.  I was so surprised that so many items were on sale and clearance.  The majority of what we chose was on sale and was less expensive than many of the retail chain stores in my area.  I love the quality of the items we always get from The Children’s Place and I always try to find my clothing from there whenever possible.

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