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kids on kayak

Summertime is here and a ton of kids are home from school. More lunches, snacks and breakfasts to be served and fought over. Thank goodness, I am very fortunate my kids will eat mostly anything set in front of them (sometimes after a bit of convincing). I started them out rather young on roasted beets, sushi boats and raw veggies and am fortunate they don’t fight me on too much when it comes to eating the nutritious foods. It is the SUGAR laden sweets I have a hard time keeping them away from. Kids will be kids, so I like to have fun with them and do the things moms do like make ice cream in the summer. I was pretty excited when I saw the fun recipes included with my PediaSure Fruit & Veggie Smoothie mix.

Ice Cream Recipe

The ice cream was so easy to make the kids were able to help me make it! The boys were convinced they were eating ice cream from the corner shop and didn’t even notice I did not include the sugar. You can find more recipes to help get the nutrition of veggies in your tiny tot’s belly at the PediSure Facebook page or you can come back here and see one of them made on my blog with the kids! The boys do have a few days of summer camp this year and they are thrilled to be sporting new PediaSure lunch totes with their very own silverware and snack & drink cups!

pediasure pack

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  1. Who needs the sugar when you have such yummy ingredients? I’ll have to try that with my kids.

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