Most people around the Blogsphere know what Superpoints is. If not, it is an awesome website where you can get points by spinning a button like the one above. You can get as high as 200 points a spin or as low as 1 point. Then you can trade in your points for cash, prizes and gift cards. Since the person who signs up under you shares their winnings with you, I thought it would be fun if we had a contest to help us get into the habit of spinning. Here are the rules:

1. Have a Superpoints account. If you need one, use one of these codes to join. (It is invite only)

2. Spin the Lucky button and screen shot your highest spin of the day. Upload to My Facebook Page. Make sure you date the photo.
3. You can post one code a day in the comment section of this post for the people who need codes.
4. The highest spin of the day at 9 pm EST each night can post 2 codes on my Facebook page for my 13,515 Fans. I will even repost them so it goes out in their stream and not just on my wall.

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