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Take Photos Like A Professional

Have you ever wished you could take photos like a professional?  I certainly have!  I have been a camera bug for most of my life.  I enjoy taking pictures, looking at pictures and buying photo prints for my home.  I am the one guest who would actually enjoy sitting down with you to see the photos from your trip to Bora Bora!!  The reason for my obsession with photography is traced back to my childhood.  I have 5 brothers and sisters; 4 who are older and one who is younger.  My older siblings have roughly 10+ years between them and my sister and I.  Apparently my mother was a shutterbug when my older siblings were growing up as there are volumes of pictures documenting their entire childhood.  By the time my sister and I came along, mom must have lost the bug because we have 2…count them…2 photo albums of my sister and me.  To make it worse, the pictures only cover us from about age 6 to age 8!!  I guess that set a fire in me to take as many pictures as I can of my three kids.

Beach Camera-Wild FlowersIf you are interested in purchasing a camera, Beach Camera is an excellent online source for all your photography needs.  As a matter of fact, Beach Camera offers an extensive inventory for virtually all your photographic, home entertainment and consumer electronic needs.  Located in Edison, New Jersey, Beach Camera has been one of the industry leaders in the consumer electronics industry for more than two decades.  The folks at Beach Camera have been consistently on the cutting edge of the technology world; making them a front runner in that arena.  Beach Camera has won the coveted Bizrate Circle of Excellence award six times, which just solidifies their presence that much more.  With any business, the customer support team can make or break a company. With Beach Camera, they have a group of knowledgeable staff that is there to handle all your needs, answer questions or help you choose the perfect item for your needs.  SD card or a large order for your corporation, customer service treats each customer with professionalism, courtesy and efficiency.  With a large portion of the sales for Beach Camera coming from repeat and referral business, you can see how truly special this company is.
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Quality Cameras That Are Affordable

Regardless if you are a pro or a novice, you need to find quality cameras that are affordable.  In my line of work, a good camera is a must have.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture for a review is worth a million!  No matter your profession, you want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression.  In the virtual world of blogging and Internet communication, a quality photograph is crucial.  It is this picture that often times will either draw someone in to your site or turn them away.  I knew I wanted a great camera that took excellent pictures and was easy to operate.  I was given the honor of reviewing the Samsung WB150F 14 MP 18X Wi-Fi Digital Camera . This jewel is by far the best camera I have ever had the pleasure of using.  I had been using a camera with 5 MP, so my pics were not the sharpest.  I found many times a picture would blur if I got too close and it couldn’t take a pic of anything that wasn’t right in front of you.  With the Samsung WB150F, you get 14 MP and 18x zoom for a sharp and crystal clear image every time!  I think the side by side comparison of the 3rd photo speaks volumes!  The picture on the left side was taken with my old camera and the picture on the right was taken with my new Samsung!  I think the difference is quite striking, don’t you agree?  The set up for the camera takes just a few moments and you are ready to start shooting pictures virtually right away.

Beach Camera-Oil Painting
Beach Camera-Oil Painting Setting

Here are some highlights of the camera:

  • Zoom in with the 18x optical zoom and 24mm Wide Angle Lens
  • 14MP CCD sensor delivers brighter and clear images
  • 720p HD movie recording
  • Dual Image Stabilization to keep your photos steady
  • Dual Image Stabilization
    – Optical and digital
  • Full manual mode (A/S/M)
  • 720p/30fps HD Movie Recording
  • Smart Filter 3.0
  • Wi-Fi connectivity:
    – SNS upload
    – Email share
    – PC Auto Backup
    – Remote ViewFinder
    – Wi-Fi Direct
  • Live Panorama
Beach Camera-Cartoon
Beach Camera-Cartoon Setting

In order to illustrate how incredibly easy this camera is to set up and operate, I let my 11 year old program the initial settings!  The icing on this already delicious cake is how easy it was to program the set up. Not only is the camera easy to use, it is really fun as well.  My kids and I sat down and tried several of the extra fun features that are available on the Samsung.  With the 12 background templates included, you can really play around and make your photo do a variety of cool things.  There is a feature called the Artistic Brush that has the camera paint a picture of the photo you just took!  I did this in the photo of Henry.  Caitlin wanted to try the cartoon template that made her look a bit like an Andy Warhol picture.  How cool is that?

Beach Camera-Baking ClassI am constantly shooting pictures and downloading them onto my laptop to then upload on the blog.  I was going through several steps to do this with my old camera.  With the Samsung, you can do all that with one button!  You can also link your camera and smart phone together and you can access your photos directly from the camera!  With the wireless capabilities with the Samsung, you no longer need to worry about using several cords to sync to the internet.  I had a group of kids spend the night this weekend and the next day we hung out in the kitchen.  It was my son’s birthday and we wanted to make a birthday cake from scratch.  I gave an impromptu baking lesson and documented the process with my new camera.  I was able to send the pics to my Facebook immediately!!  I LOVE this camera!!! You can purchase it with free shipping at Beach Camera.
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  1. I have loved photography all of my life. even went to DBSC to take photography classes. my love for it has rubbed off on my 2 daughters too. I still have my old Canon AE1 program but can’t afford roll film! so for now I just use my daughter’s Samsung pocket shooter as I call it! I would love to have a better one of my own!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing!
    I’ve always been interested in photography and now my little ones are getting into as well. Been on the look out for a good camera for them.

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