Spring has sprung and my family has been really enjoying spending time together outside. It is amazing how many things you can actually do outside when the weather is nice and the creativity is flowing! When you add Scott’s Miracle Grow to the mix, they make it all that much more enjoyable. Because using Scott’s Miracle Grow makes everything in your yard so much more lush, vibrantly colorful and so lovely to look at, it makes spending time outside even better! In celebration of today being Earth Day, I want to encourage you to think outside. Now, not outside the box, but just outside. What activities do you enjoy by yourself, with friends or with family indoors that would be so much more special if done outside? Here are some fun pictures of what me and my family are doing by #takeitoutside. I hope they inspire yourself, your friends and your family to #takeitoutside as well!

Celebrate Earth Day And #TakeItOutside

yoga #takingitoutside
Yoga is a time I get to have peace and quiet to stretch, tone and balance my body as well as my mind. Why spend your yoga time in a studio watching everyone’s downward dog when I can #takeitoutside and watch nature at its miraculous best?
Mason #takingitoutside
Speaking of exercising, look at how strong Spiderman, I mean Mason has become lifting those heavy weights? He loves #takeitoutside with mommy when she is doing yoga!
hotdogs #takingitoutside
You know how eating a salad is so much more tasty when someone else makes it? Well, the boys will agree that when you plan on #takeitoutside with your meals, everything tastes better. I bet those hot dogs are making you hungry!
boys tea party #takingitoutside
Who said tea parties are just for girls? Real men have tea parties and the cool ones are even #takeitoutside! Look at Mason licking his lips! I think he really enjoyed drinking his tea with big brother.
To see more pictures of how my family and I are #takeitoutside, visit my Pinterest Board. How can you Celebrate Earth Day And #TakeItOutside? The more things you try, the more likely you will be to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.