Talking #Gingers Birthday Is A New Fun App For Kids

If you have little ones at home, you may already know all about Talking Ginger. Talking Ginger is from the same company who brought you Talking Tom Cat and Talking Ben The Dog. This hilarious app is one that will get the entire family laughing and be careful because it is addictive. The Talking Ginger app is a free download for your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Talking Ginger

When you say something to Ginger, he repeats it back to you in this high pitched and squeaky voice that is really funny. My family was out for dinner a few weeks ago and the kids had my phone in the back seat. Every time my husband or I would say something, Ginger would repeat it back to us. It did not take long before all of us were laughing so hard that we were almost crying! Talking Ginger also has an app that is a game your kids can play that helps him get ready for bed. You can brush his teeth, dry his hair and even give her a shower, even though we all know cats hate water! You can even record the steps and play it back with your words spoken with Ginger’s voice.

A New Fun App For Kids

Ginger has a new adventure in store and you can see a preview on Talking Ginger’s Playground. Ginger’s 5th Birthday is coming at the end of the month and his Uncle Tom is throwing him a big birthday party. There is a huge and tasty looking birthday cake that Uncle Tim has made and Ginger finds a creative way to eat it. Lets just say that Ginger takes an unexpected ride over to the cake and has a different perspective that most of us would.

With this new fun app for kids, whenever you feed Ginger some food, blow a whistle or candles along with other fun tasks, a puzzle piece from Ginger’s birthday party memories will unlock. Also, you can have your kids send a birthday card to Ginger by emailing their drawings to Ginger’s uncle at and they will be on display until May 5th. On that day, one lucky kid will win their very own Talking Ginger Superstar toy! Be sure to download the Talking Ginger app if you have not already done so. You will soon be laughing so hard you will cry too! See my silly kids playing with the app below.

You can experience all the fun of Ginger by winning a fun package. It will include a lot of goodies, including Talking Ginger Superstar, a plush toy that talks and interacts with multiple Talking Friends apps – including Talking Ginger and the upcoming Ginger’s Birthday app.


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