Tangle Free Earbuds

Tangle Free Ear Buds

I use my MP3 player for a lot of different activities and it would be great if there were tangle free earbuds to go with them.  I am really bad about using my MP3 player and when I am done tossing it into a bag or a drawer.  When I want to use it again, I spend several minutes trying to untangle the cord.  I have tried wrapping the cords around the MP3 player, but that only makes the tangle worse.  If a company were to design something that would eliminate the tangles with my earbuds, that would be great.  Well, guess what?  There is!

There is an innovative product on the market called the CordCruncher (valued at $20.00).  This cleverly designed elasto-sleeve is just the product for keeping your earbud tangle free.  This cord management device allows you to choose your cord length, adjusting it anywhere from 16 inches to 3.5 feet and when you toss them in your bag or drawer, the CordCruncher keeps you cords straight and ready for your next jam session!  This stylish cord storage system comes in Rocket Red, Pearl Blue and iGizmo White.  The designers of the CordCruncher bought a small booth at The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The CordCruncher team managed to out shine the completion, many of whom were well established companies.

Earbud Cord Wrapper

I had not heard of any company that made an ear bud cord wrapper before I heard about the CordCruncher.  Although this company is not going live until 4/20/12, I predict it won’t be long before they are selling more of the CordCruncher than they anticipate.  I received the pearl blue CordCruncher and immediately tried them out.  I am still in school, so I am studying a lot and I must have music in order to concentrate.  (Yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron!). Out of habit, I threw the MP3 player and the CordCruncher in my nightstand.  The next day as I was preparing for a study session and was pleasantly surprised when I took my MP3 out of the drawer. My earbud cords were completely tangle free!  I didn’t waste 20 minutes trying to get my cords straight.  My favorite feature is the flexibility the CordCruncher gives you.  I can wear it around my neck or I can wear it wrapped around my wrist.  I could not believe I would be able to wrap it around my wrist without making it a tangled mess.

One lucky winner will receive a CordCruncher in their choice of color.

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