Teaching Morals To Your Children

Living in this crazy world has made it difficult teaching morals to your children.  It seems like an uphill battle all the way.  I have a 25 year old and although she is a brilliant and beautiful young woman, we had our differences.  Those debates were over the typical teen stuff like curfews, dating, clothing, etc.  Now I have an almost 14 year old and I am living that tumultuous time period all over again!!  My husband and I have worked very hard to instill manners, doing the right thing and the consequence if that gets broken.  What is so frustrating is that the issues we are struggling with are coming from school.  I remember how awful peer pressure was and Caitlin is a bit of an odd duck, so she gets teased a lot.  I also remember wanting to fit in so much that I would have done just about anything to fit into the “in” crowd.  I have scoured the internet looking for help on handling teaching my kids morals and I found a few great tips.

  • Spell it out:  Before you can expect your kids to do the right thing, you need to tell them exactly what that is!  Sit down and make a list of the qualities you find important and will therefore help you mold your child into the best adults they can be.  Dialogue or role play with your kids to make learning fun while getting the point across.
  • Stupid is as stupid does:  If you want your kids to following your footsteps, then you better make sure your feet are pointing in the right direction.  You can’t really expect your kids to not curse if that is what you repeatedly do.  What ends up happening is you get a confused kid who isn’t sure why Mommy or Daddy tells them one thing but does the other.
  • Get on their level:  If you have kids, especially little ones, you need to speak their language so to speak.  If you are teaching younger kids about living an authentic life, get help getting your point across.  If there is a family you admire for their strong morals, invite them over for a play date.  If there is an older kid at church, ask them to take your child under their wing.  My kids love to watch cartoons, and one of their favorites are Bob and Larry and all the other characters over at Veggie Tales.  I love these cartoons because they help your kids understand what morals are and how to live that life.

Make Learning Fun

Make Learning Fun

With my kids, if I can make learning fun, they are more likely to internalize and practice what they have learned.  We have been fans of the Veggie Tales characters for about 10 years now and they can never get enough of those wacky vegetables!!  We received 3 great new products from Veggie Tales and my kids could not have been more excited.  We were given:

  • The League of Incredible Vegetables ($11.99) is the newest, and may I say funniest tale from the folks over at Big Idea. The story is set in our favorite town of Bumblyberg where a cold as ice bad guy named Dr. Flurry is trying to put the big freeze on this little town.  Because this frozen bozo is a pretty big threat, our friend Larry Boy calls on some friends to help him keep Bumblyberg from becoming a big ice cube.  The main issue with the story is about being afraid and letting that fear dictate your actions.  This was a great story for my Henry as we have had an issue with fear lately.  With Henry’s autism, sometimes it is difficult to explain things that are not concrete.  Lately we have been afraid of the dark, so this story line helped open the lines of communication for Henry and me to compare the story with his fears.  If you want to see a hilarious music video from my favorite band, Newsboys, take a look here.
  • The Ultimate Christmas Collection ($19.99) is a great mix of all the things you love about Veggie Tales.  I was excited to see one of our all-time favorite stories, “The Toy That Saved Christmas” and “The Little Drummer Boy” as well as the newer story, “It’s a Meaningful Life Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving “.  There are a ton of great songs on the music CD that comes with the collection.  Watching this collection will get you wishing it was already Christmas!
  • Bob and Larry Go Country CD ($8.99): If you are a fan of country music and a fan of singing tomatoes and cucumbers, this is the CD for you!!  Bob and Larry and their Veggie Tales friends put their own spin on classics like “God Bless the USA” and on the way to being classic, “Jesus Take the Wheel”.  My daughter LOVES Carrie Underwood, so she was laughing when she heard the Veggie Tale version of the hit song.  You and your kids will love these fun and upbeat songs and their country flair.

One Bob and Larry Go Country CD ($8.99), One The League of Incredible Vegetables ($11.99) and one copy of The Ultimate Christmas Collection ($19.99) for a total of $40.97

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  1. This is wonderful! You are probably one of the few parents that exist these days that actually CARE. Good for you! 🙂

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