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Team Fortress 2 and CS: GO Source Codes Leaked

Huge news dropped today for both Team Fortress 2 and the CS: GO community.

The source code for both games has been leaked, and hackers can deliver malware to you if you join a server where a cheater is playing.

The user @SteamDB reported the leak on Twitter, where he posted that the whole source code was leaked and that it’s dating back to 2017 and 2018.

Initial reports state that several Team Fortress 2 communities have advised players not to play the game at all because they can get malware or viruses simply by playing the game.

Cheaters can do remote Code Execution, and you don’t want people installing things on your PC. It’s best advised not to play these games at all until we get reassurance from the companies who made these games.

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If you aren’t playing multiplayer online, then it’s not dangerous, but the best thing to do for now is to avoid both games.

There are unconfirmed reports of all source-based games like Garry’s Mod, and others are affected as well.

As this is a developing story and Valve still hasn’t commented, we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

Why is This So Dangerous?

When it comes to the Remote Code Execution in Team Fortress 2, and other ones on Reddit, all of these reports are still unconfirmed by Valve.

Some even go as far as saying that the source code was intentionally leaked. Redditors added that it’s an old version and that RCE is unlikely but not impossible.

Still, even if there is a slight chance, it’s a huge threat to gamers. A lot of malware exists, and some are so dangerous that they can give the attackers full control over your PC.

In 2017 we had the malware called Wannacry, which is a cyberattack that was enabled through Remote Code Execution. It targeted Windows operating systems and encrypted their data as ransom. They would only release your data if you paid a certain amount of money in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Across 150 countries, over 200,000 computers were affected. The malware spread fast and made hundreds of millions to billions of dollars in damage.

The attack was only stopped when Microsoft released a patch and a killswitch that prevented infected computers from spreading the malware.

We don’t know what kind of malware might spread through these games (if it’s possible), and that’s why we advise you not to play them at all for now.

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