Tech Gifts For Mom

It is hard to believe it is already April and Mother’s Day is just around the corner! It feels like just last week we were snowed in and wondering if the warm weather would ever get here. Oh wait! That WAS just last week! Hopefully that crazy weather will calm down and we can get on with enjoying the warmer weather and all that it brings. This year Mother’s Day is especially hard for me as I just lost my mom a few months ago. She was always interested in the latest tech gadgets, even at the ripe age of 80! So, in honor of all the tech minded moms like, here are some cool tech gifts for mom on her special day!

five tech gifts for mom

5 Tech Gifts For Mom

  1. Digital Camera: Mom was always taking pictures and she loved going back and looking at them. She was especially excited when cameras went digital and became so affordable. You can get a really nice point and shoot digital camera for under $100.
  2. Tablet Case: Mom was always a multi-tasking woman, so when she was waiting for her doctor’s appointments, she would borrow one of our tablets and so some online shopping! A nice tablet case in mom’s favorite colors or pattern would make a lovely gift and you can usually find them for less than $50.
  3. Smartphone: Mom went into the cell phone age kicking and screaming. We finally talked her into a cell phone and she kept that old flip phone for probably 10 years! A few years ago, we finally talked her into upgrading to a smartphone and then she was mad because we did not tell her how cool it was! Um, yes we did mom!
  4. GPS Navigation System: Mom was not one for having a very good sense of direction. For several years we lived in the same apartment complex and we would tease her she would get lost finding my building. One of the smartest gifts we ever got her was a GPS navigation system for her car. She learned to use it pretty quickly and then we could not keep her at home!
  5. Mobile Device Charger: Mom was one who loved to have life as streamlined as possible. If she could find one product to do the work of several, she was a happy camper. She hated having cords and chargers all over the house, so she would have loved the Sanctuary 4, the multi-device charger from Bluelounge.

Bluelounge Sanctuary 4

I take after mom in many areas and one of them is making life as simple as possible. If I can find products to streamline my life and make it less complicated, I am all for it. One of my favorite companies who always has products to simplify my life is Bluelounge, who I discovered at CES a few years ago. They showed me how to easily charge my iPhone on the road in my review, “Portable Apple Mobile Device Options From Bluelounge” and how to make life in college easier in my review, “Pick a Laptop Bag that is Right for You“. Now they have done it again with the uber innovative and clever Sanctuary 4, which is a multi-device charging station. The Sanctuary 4 from Bluelounge, available for $100 on the Bluelounge website, has made my life so much easier! I have had products which can charge 1-2 devices at a time but not one like this which can quickly charge up to 4 devices at once.

With the Sanctuary 4, you can optimally charge 2 tablets, 4 smartphones or a tablet, smartphone and a mobile charger at one time. With the hidden cord storage, you eliminate the excess cords which can tangle and give you such a headache. Its sleek, modern design, which comes in black or white,  fits into the decor of any office, home, dorm or even hotel room. I love the angle adjustable tablet stand which makes charging a tablet or two easy as pie. I think what I like best about the Sanctuary 4 is I am not waiting around for all my devices to charge at different times. Now I can plug them all in and when I am ready, they are as well! Be sure to stay current with Bluelounge and follow them on Twitter and Pinterest. One USA reader will win a $100 Sanctuary 4 in their choice of color.

Which tech gift would your mom like best on her special day?


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