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When I was a teenager, way back in the olden days, I was into boys, books and the drill team at school. Had you asked me what I would have wanted for Christmas, it would have been clothes, makeup, perfume, or jewelry. I have a 16 year old teen daughter, and she likes the same things I did at her age. In addition, she is also a big geek and is into anything to do with technology. We are on a tight budget and cannot afford tablets, laptops, smartphones and expensive MP3 players. If you fidn your self in this situation, here are a few gift ideas that will work with just about any budget and still make your teen happy.

4 Tech Gifts Under $50 Your Teen Will Love

4 Tech Gifts Under $50 Your Teen Will Love

  1. Smartphone Projector: Go old school and let your kids have a camp out in the living room and project a movie on a sheet hing on the wall! Kids can stream their favorite movie, game, video or show from their smartphone via this cardboard cutie.
  2. Bling Phone Cased: Combine your teens love of fashion and technology with a bedazzled and bejeweled phone case.
  3. Personalized Power Bank: When your teen is on the go, make sure they are always charged up with a portable phone or tablet charger. To make sure they do not forget you, make it personalized with family photos!
  4. Wearable Bluetooth Speaker: If you have a teen who loves music as well as tech, why not mesh the two together. With the wearable Bluetooth speakers from Jambanz, your teen can wear their speaker in style.


If there was a poster child for someone who loves music, Caitlin would be it. As soon as she wakes up, she turns her phone on to listen to music. She carries her phone into the bathroom to listen to her playlist while she gets ready. She takes it to the breakfast table, into the car and then into school, where she is allowed to listen to music periodically through the day. The minute she gets in the car, she is plugging in the Aux cable into the car so she can sing on the way home. Once we get in the house, she is playing music through her iPad while she does her homework. Do you see a theme here? She is taking a lot of different devices and cords into places I am not completely comfortable with them residing (like on the bathroom sink or kitchen table.) That is why I love the Jambanz because they are so portable, fit onto your wrist, streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth and surprisingly, has superior sound.

There are so may things to love about Jambanz, which retail for $30 on their website. The one size fits all Jambanz are the perfect tech gifts for teens. They are perfect for young and old, men and women and are the safe alternative to headphones. With the Jambanz wearable bluetooth speaker, you can take your music with let your music move with you wherever you go. You can take it to the gym, to school, out in the back yard in the hammock, to the skate park or anywhere in between. It wirelessly plays music from your iPod touch™, iPad™, iPhone™ or bluetooth Android device. You can attach the slap style band to your wrist, backpack, belt, bike handlebars, your headboard, or wherever you want. The Jambanz silicone slap bands let you switch the speaker with other bands to mix-n-match or collect and trade with friends. Jambanz are USB rechargeable, so there’s never any batteries to buy, which I love because I hate buying all those batteries. Be sure to stay connected with Jambanz and follow them on Twitter and Google Plus.

Who on your holiday gift list would love to have a Jambanz?


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