When I hear the words Valentine’s Day, my thoughts automatically turn to flowers, romance and thoughts of love. Everyone’s love story seems to be just a little bit more romantic when it is Valentine’s Day.  You could have met each other in the dentist’s office but I’m sure those memories brought a smile to your face when you thought about it on Valentine’s Day. Everyone has their own love story to share.  Maybe you truly met your significant other on a romantic cruise or while walking through fields of flowers. Or maybe it was a chance meeting over the ice cream in the frozen food aisle at the local grocery store. No matter how you met your true love, you can now share your love store for a chance to win two Windows phones.

how we met

All you need to do to enter for a chance to win two Windows phones is to  create your own How We Met story using Microsoft’s Facebook app. Enter through the widget below.

Open to US only 18+.

  • One winner will receive TWO hot new windows phones: 1 red Nokia Lumia 920 ($449 value) and 1 red Windows Phone 8X by HTC ($449 value)
  • The winner must be a US resident, as the phone will only work with US service providers


Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Windows Phone through Surf and Sunshine.


  1. My story takes place in both the future and the past and you may or may not believe it. I have this friend who – don’t laugh – is a psychic medium. She is my best friend in fact. Don’t think I merely humour her – I’ve seen her in action – she spoke of the tsunami/earthquake in Japan two weeks before it occurred and she knows more then she should about people’s past, and future and secrets – though she is extremely ethical and never purposefully pries. However, her life would be more interesting then the show, Long Island Medium – and I love that show. Anyway, I am in a very unhappy abusive marraige and she told me two years ago when I was in the hospital getting large tumours removed that I have a soulmate. For the longest time we called him simply, “R”. She has seen him in dream and in vision. When she sees things – believe me – they come to pass. And she whole heartedly believes these gifts are linked to God. Last year she had her house remodeled and guess who performed the remodel? This curly haired man from her Vision. Ronny. This year is the year. My love story begins. And if you believe in reincarnation and existance in heaven then, in reality, my love story continues.

  2. Jack was my best friends blind date. When he arrived, she screamed “He’s too cute!” and ran in to the bathroom. Another friend, Brenda, spent two hours trying to talk Kim out of the bathroom while I tried to get Jack to stay. Finally, he could wait no longer and left.

    The next day he called Brenda and asked for my number. I called Kim and she was good with it. That was 38 years ago. Just thinking about him makes me smile. I love him more every day.

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