Ten Reasons Ibiza Is The Best Place For Clubbing Holidays



Ibiza is known as a hedonist’s haven, but there’s plenty to welcome non-affiliates. Grab your camera and as much beachwear as you can carry, and book your flight. Ibiza awaits. If you’re seeking a blissed out mix of sun, sea and serious dance music, there’s nowhere better in the world for clubbing holidays than Ibiza. Whether you want to spend your days exploring the island or slumbering in the sun until it’s time for to don your evening glad rags, these are the reasons Ibiza is the right place to direct your next dancing vacation

  • Flocks of famous faces: Whether you’re shimmying until the break of dawn with Kylie Minogue or sneaking into the after party on P. Diddy’s yacht (okay, in your dreams), it’s possible those with an magpie-eye for the glitterati might just catch a glimpse stardom peeping out from behind a pair of Ray-Bans.
  • Unrelenting sunshine: Dust off your straw fedora and paint your toenails in fuchsia because with 300 days of sunshine on the island, you’ll have plenty of occasions to slink around in a sarong.
  • Miles of unspoiled sands: Whether you want to sun yourself in a secluded spot like Calla Basa or grin and bear it all on Aigua Blanques, the Ibizan beaches are known as some of the best in the world, and it would be criminal not to spend some time exploring their charms.
  • Chic café culture: Sitting in one of the many, famed, seaside bars and watching the sun go down to a chilled out house session with a cocktail in hand is an Ibizan rite of passage. Look no further than the Café del Mar terrace: it’s truly iconic.
  • Divine detox opportunities: If you’ve been partying all night and arise with a headache that no amount of Balearic paradise can remedy, make like Ibiza’s supermodel residents and hit the spa for a serious detox session which will leave you feeling revitalized for the day ahead.
  • Memorable music: Of course, the clubs are the biggest draw to this exciting island. Whether you’re in the market for some sleek minimal techno, calculated house grooves or old school beats, you’ll find some of the world’s best DJs lurking after dark in the international dance nerve centers of Amnesia, Pacha and Space.
  • Delectable dining: Nutritious, Med cuisine and sumptuous, fresh seafood are the order of the day in Ibiza’s estimable eateries, of which there are many. You’ll be spoiled for choice, so choose wisely.
  • Retail therapy: From its Rainbow-Brite hippy market to the oh-so-stylish boutiques, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to satisfy your inner shopaholic in Ibiza town. There are also locally made handicrafts and jewelry stores, the perfect places for no-fuss souvenir shopping.
  • Dreamy dives: Plunge into the pure, warm waters of the Med and escape the bright sunshine into a world of aquamarine wonder. Pretty fish, crumbling wrecks and colorful plant life awaits.
  • Sensational sunsets: Known for the beauty of its sunsets, it’s well worth making sure you make sure you’re outside when the sun goes down in Ibiza: you won’t want to miss a second of this spectacular natural show.

Ibiza is known as a hedonist’s haven, but there’s plenty to welcome non-affiliates. Grab your camera and as much beachwear as you can carry, and book your flight. Ibiza awaits.