Having an expecting mom as a friend, relative or a co-worker can be the most beautiful thing, but when it comes to getting them presents, it can be a difficult task. Moms-to-be deserve to be spoiled, but if you’re struggling with what to give to an expecting mom, here are some tips on how to find a perfect gift which she’ll actually use and like:

1. Maternity robe

There’s nothing comfier than a fluffy maternity robe that she’ll wear after a long day. You can choose from thick and fluffy to light and silky models depending on the preference of the mom-to-be. If she’s more into elegant garments, then choosing something classy will fit nicely into her needs. On the other hand, if she prefers to relax on the sofa while watching her fave TV shows, then choosing something cozy is a better option.

2. A nice diaper bag

Every mom knows how frustrating it can be to carry the baby stuff all at once. That’s why having a spacious, yet nice-looking diaper bag can be of tremendous help. With a proper bag, she’ll be able to fit in everything for the baby plus more and take it with her. That way, the baby’s needs will be covered and the mom won’t have to carry multiple bags.

3. A pregnancy journal

In case she’s got enough time on her hands, a pregnancy journal will be a nice way to spend her time. She can write down her thoughts, ideas, questions and possible baby names. Just make sure that the journal isn’t just any old notebook, but rather a specialized item created for future mothers. This type of gift isn’t only practical, but also very thoughtful and caring.

4. Pregnancy body pillow

Sometimes, pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and that’s why every pregnant woman needs something cozy and soft. If you’re looking to buy something that’ll help her rest, look no further than a pregnancy body pillow. Before you buy her a pillow, try to find out whether she prefers a soft or firm fill, and don’t forget to give her a receipt, so she’ll be able to get a different one if necessary.

5. Baby bump headphones

Some research has shown that what babies hear in utero can greatly affect their development. That’s why baby bump headphones can be a great gift. Mothers can share their music and other media with their babies, through a pair of earphones that can be attached to the belly. These headphones can be connected to almost any music player, which in return can let the baby and the mom enjoy music together.

6. Maternity underwear

Having comfortable underwear can make pregnancy easier and more comfortable. That’s why seamless lingerie bras are a great gift option for a mom-to-be. If you’re worried that you might get the wrong colour or size, make sure to get a receipt or simply, ask her to go shopping with you, so she can choose for herself.

7. An ergonomic baby carrier

This gift is among the most sought-out for a reason. Every mother needs a baby carrier in order to safely carry her baby everywhere. That’s why it’s important to get her a carrier that has a structured body seat so the baby’s hips and spine will be safely positioned. Also, make sure that the belt is easy to adjust so the mom will feel comfortable while carrying her little munchkin.

8. Compression socks

Pregnancy is the time when feet start swelling so there’s no better gift than a quality pair of compression socks. The good news is, she can wear these socks from the moment her feet start swelling, until the last trimester. Also, you can find them in many colours and patterns, so feel free to be creative and pick something fun and colourful!

9. A cute custom sonogram frame

Most pregnant women will get a baby sonogram picture, so buying a nice frame is a perfect way to keep the very first image of her baby. Some frames come with cute and funny one-liners, so choosing something warm and cute won’t be hard. Every mom-to-be will be endeared by such a loving and thoughtful gift.

10. A set of natural cosmetic products

A lot of women suffer from dry skin and hormonal breakouts during pregnancy, so you won’t be making a mistake if you decide to buy her a set of natural and organic creams and essential oils. Having something nice to keep her skin hydrated and soft will make her feel pampered and happy.

So, these gift ideas will definitely be a good choice for any expectant mother. If you’re still unsure, you can always ask her directly. In the end, every pregnant woman likes to be cared for, so whichever present you choose, she’ll feel content and appreciated.