We are extremely excited to see the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man. We had missed it when it came out in the theater and could not wait for it to be released on DVD. You can see how much we love it by checking out my last post on Spider-Man. Since we were going to receive a digital copy of the movie which we could watch through Vudu.com on October 30th, we decided to have a Hallowenish Party for the kids with the culmination and wind-down being the feature film. Mason was thrilled to have another chance to wear his Spider-Man costume.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I went to Walmart to purchase a Extra-Large Marketside Cheese Pizza. It was pretty easy to find, right under the huge Avengers promo sign in the deli section. I love getting pizza that I don’t have to have delivered, but it is not frozen. That way I do not have to spend so much money on the delivery. Also, pizza made at home has way less oil so is healthier for you!

pre-order Ultra Violet movies

With a bunch of toddler and pre-schoolers, you cannot go wrong with cheese pizza. It seems to be everyone’s favorite. Also, I directed all the moms to bring their cell phones so we could download the Augmented Reality Game from the pizza box. We had played the Avengers one, so I knew that Spider-Man would be a hit with the kids.

Spider-man pizza

Walmart will be releasing Amazing Spider-Man themed Augmented Reality triggers that will be included on the pizza box & display pallet, triggering special Amazing Spider-Man experiences on shoppers’ iPhone, iPad or Android in-store. So far the only one I found was actually on the box, but that worked for us. Walmart says they will be releasing more closer to the launch of the DVD. You can see the QR code on the pizza box above in the right hand corner. Note the price as well! Only $7.98 (I got mine on sale for $6.98 cause my store was having a promotion “Assemble your family for a pizza and a movie.”

Leaping Buildings As Spider-man

My play group moms and I had the kids run around outside pretending to jump over leaping buildings. You can create them easily using cardboard and cereal boxes. My friend Meredith is the one who thought of the idea, and I just think she is brilliant. Once the kids were exhausted from running, we served the Marketside Pizza.

Walmart Marketside Pizza

I put Spiders on the plates to their delight!! While the kids were eating the moms and I downloaded the game from the pizza box to see how distracting it might be from the movie. LOL We had fun, and decided to have it as a take-away game since it was getting kind of late already. I highly recommend trying it out!

web slinger app

Finally, we made it inside and settled down to watch the movie. It was fairly easy to set up through my PlayStation 3. I just navigated through the TV/Movie section to download the application Vudu and signed into my account from there. As a bonus, because this was my first time using Vudu, I got a $6.99 credit to rent another movie in addition to my pre-purchase of The Amazing Spider-Man. Streaming was pretty easy and once it got started it did not have to buffer very much. Then I took it off of the HDV setting and there was no problem  at all. I found out later the reason for the streaming problems was good ol’ Sandy!

The movie, in my humble opinion, was the best Spider-Man movie I have seen yet. My husband was worried it might be a little dark for the kids, but they all loved it too. None of the moms at the party thought it was too over the top from the movies they normally watched, but we are a Marvel group of gals!

You can connect further with The Amazing Spider-Man on Twitter @SpiderManMovie and on Facebook. you can find out more about Vudu and the free movie promotion they have going on as well! I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment #CBias #SocialFabric


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