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The Ballistic LS iPad Mini Case Keeps Your Electronics Safe

Have you ever bought an product and once you began to use it you wondered how you got along with out it? That is the truth for me about my tablets. I love the convenience of being able to be connected no matter where I am. I am on the go virtually all the time whether it be running errands or working. It is so much easier to grab a light weight tablet like my iPad mini rather than my big and bulky laptop. I love being able to grab my iPad on the way out the door and tucking it into my bag. The one thing I always make sure I do when I have electronic devices is make sure they are protected. If I am interested in products that keeps your electronics safe, I turn to Ballistic.

Keeps Your Electronics Safe

I am not the clumsiest person in the world, but accidents can happen. Granted I have insurance on my electronic devices, but what a headache it is to use it! I have dropped phones that were “protected” with a case only to have them shatter and become an insurance claim. Most cases you find on the market are either made from materials that are not really strong enough to protect your devices. With the cases from Ballistic, you get layers of protection that keeps your electronics safe. You can forget those other cases that are more like a thin piece of plastic that is more fashionable than practical.

I received a Ballistic case for my iPad mini from their Smooth Series in the charcoal. The case is slim like the iPad mini but offers incredible protection. Designed by a team of engineers, the products from Ballistic are designed to be tough. The case is made from extremely tough and durable TPU and comes with interchangeable Ballistic Corners and 16 bumpers, in 4 different colors. With the lay on table feature, your screen never touches the surface of a table if you were to lay it flat. I love this feature because I think we have all laid our table screen side down and ended up with a few scratches. The case is strong enough that if I were to inadvertently drop the tablet, the case will keep it from breaking. With the products from Ballistic, you can rest assured your devices are safe. You can purchase the Ballistic products from their website, including the case I received which retails for $39.99.

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