The Benefits Of Wearing Eco-Friendly Apparel
If you are interested in going green this year, wearing eco-friendly apparel may be a good fit for you.  I have taken small steps to go green in my home; mostly in the kitchen and laundry areas.  I am interested in making the change to include wearing organic or eco-friendly apparel.  Here are some very cool materials and ways to put them to good use.

Wearing Eco-Friendly Apparel

  •  Organic Cotton: One of the most commonly used materials for “green” clothing is organic cotton.  There are so many locally grown organic cotton farmers in the USA that we can get high quality and sustainable materials while putting that money where it belongs: with our local farmers.  You can now find organic cotton goods in many of the larger department stores across the country.
  •  Bamboo: Bamboo is a fantastic material that is used in making clothing as well as items for the home, like sheets and towels.  Bamboo has natural wicking properties that keeps you dry and is highly absorbent. Bamboo is great for all weather as it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Another big plus of using bamboo is that it is great for those with sensitive skin and it is hard for bacteria to live in bamboo fabric.
  •  Hemp:  Hemp is an extremely hardy plant that can be used for a huge variety of things.  With hemp being stronger than cotton, you have a fabric that is very strong and durable that can withstand a lot more than cotton can. The first pairs of pants from Levi Strauss contained hemp, so you can see how rooted the USA is in this hardy plant.  Imagine how strong and long-lasting a pair of shoes made with hemp would be!   RENEU is a planet friendly company that is making great looking shoes from animal free materials.  How refreshing to own a pair of shoes that were made without harming any of the precious animals on earth.

Using Memory Foam In Shoes

Using Memory Foam In Shoes

In addition to using animal free materials for their shoes, RENEU is also using memory foam.  If you have ever walked or stood for long periods of time, can you imagine how great it would feel to be wearing a pair of shoes with memory foam?  Ahhhhh.  RENEU footwear is made from eco-friendly ultra-suede, recycled polyester, hemp, memory foam insoles and other responsible materials.  RENEU was started by a shoe designer by the name of Arti Upadhyay who had a dream of making a comfortable shoe that was made from green materials and were vegan at the same time.  I chose the Bela in the Slate Grey ($79.00) and these are the most comfortable shoes!!  As a matter of fact, Caitlin, my 14 year old has officially stolen them from me!  She has worn them to school every day for the past week!  Needless to say, “our” shoes from RENEU are a hit in our house!!!

One reader will in a pair of RENEU shoes of their choice in style and color ($34.99-$69.00), depending on availability.


  1. I like the blue, grey, and natural colour. Orange is nice. What about emerald green? I like that the product is made from hemp and it does look really comfortable.

    • I think the little black shoe could possibly be
      the ones that could help me stand-up cause
      I am blessed with vertigo very bad and can
      only wear flats& cute ones are rare.

  2. These shoes have memory foam in them. My daughter has a pair and I put my finger inside them and I could feel the foam, I wish i had a pair of these now too. i would love to see how they feel on my feet. This is a great company and the owner was extremely nice when I needed to contact her and ask questions

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  3. I love the Kahya ones… I NEED an instep strap, or I can’t walk fast! LOL Need any of my shoes to be very secure

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