I am a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew and Mom Select. I received products for compensation for this post. However, all opinions are completely my own.

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With spring we get the flowers peeking out from the ground and the birds singing in the trees. My kids, much like most, cannot wait for the warm weather to get here. As a parent, I too love the warm weather so the kids are outside enjoying themselves and burning some stink off! For my family another thing that the spring brings is something we do not welcome. My son and my husband have horrible allergies and almost from the get go, they are suffering. This year’s pollen index was higher than normal and they seemed to be getting symptoms earlier than normal. They both get very red and swollen eyes, stuffy noses and a horrible headache. My husband unfortunately gets drainage problems so badly that it will make him sick to his stomach. The one allergy medicine that we have found that can knock out all of these symptoms is Children’s Claritin.
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The Best Kids Allergy Medicine

I have a lot of reasons that I love Children’s Claritin especially is that they have a chewable tablet. My son has autism and with that comes swallowing difficulties. He cannot take any pills and most liquids do not work either. With chewable tablets he can manage those easily, so from a parent’s perspective, that is a big advantage. For me, the best kid’s allergy medicine is Children’s Claritin. I love that the medicine I trust is the #1 recommended allergy medication for children. For my family, Claritin can tackle most of the symptoms that allergies bring. There are a few other things you can do at home that work with the medicine to knock those allergies out. Here are a few tips we have found that helps:

  • Saline Spray: To keep Henry’s nose from getting dried out, which gets really painful, we use saline spray. This is something that is so affordable and makes such a huge difference.
  • HEPA Filters:Just because the pollen is outside and bothering you, does not mean it cannot get inside. For the allergens that you can find in your home, you need a good HEPA filter to keep it to a bare minimum. This will help you breathe much easier.
  • Steam:We all know how the powers of steam can open up your nasal passages. This can be done in the shower or with a towel over your head and a pot of hot, steamy water.
  • Cold Compresses: With those red and swollen eyes, my guys are miserable when the allergies are at their peak. We usually keep a wet washcloth in the freezer to relive the irritation. I was recently invited to take part in a party with the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew and we got the perfect thing for relieving that eye irritation.

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As a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I was sent a “Spring In Your Step” party package to share with a few of the moms in my circle whose kids also suffer from allergies. I was sent 2013 Preparedness Checklist & Tips, a box of the Children’s Claritin chewable tablets as well as a bottle of liquid Children’s Claritin.

Ironically, when my friends kids were over, the oldest started showing allergy symptoms and we had to give her a chewable tablet. My favorite part of the pack was the eye masks that you pop in the freezer and use for those irritated eyes. These masks are so much better because they have a Velcro strap to keep them on your eyes. The kids had a lot of fun modeling them for the pictures and pretending to be a space alien!

Carol and Anna

Unfortunately, we had tornado warnings all weekend that I scheduled the party, so it was just myself and my friend and our kids. While the kids were playing, I was able to hang out with my friend and her daughter while we talked about the preparedness checklist. We were so impressed with the extensive information on the checklist. It includes reminders for such things as sports safety, doctor visits and even natural disasters, including links to each areas specific web address. We had a great time and thank Mom Select and Children’s Claritin for their awesome generosity!