Looking For The Best Lip Gloss For Tweens? What's Your Virtue May Save The Day
I have a 14 year old who as it is with many tween girls, thinks she is closer to going on 30 and is far wiser than I.  I guess this is what my mom meant when she talked about teens girls and paybacks.  My husband Chris and I have been pretty strict about what she is allowed to do, which is tough when most of the girls she knows have what seems like free reign.  Thankfully, with the united force my husband and I have built, Caitlin has respected our rules and hasn’t tried to usurp our authority.  My 25 year old daughter Chelsea was here for Christmas and we talked about Caitlin being allowed to wear a little makeup. Chris and I agreed with the condition that Chelsea taught Caitlin how to wear it and that we had the last word on the colors and items Caitlin would wear.  We all decided on light neutral shades of lip gloss as well as a little mascara and a subtle shade of eye shadow.  The issue we had was finding the appropriate lip gloss for Caitlin.  It seemed that the shades we found were all pretty dark or they were more like lipstick or lip stains than lip gloss.  I decided I would rather have her not wear anything than to wear something we weren’t comfortable with.  As it turns out, I was not the only mom of a teen who had faced this same situation.  What’s Your Virtue is a company that was started by three friends who were moms of young women who weren’t finding appropriate lip colors for their girls either.

Finding The Best Lip Gloss For Tweens

It turns out that one of the three friends went shopping with her daughters and she was gob stopped at the suggestive names and inappropriate colors that were available for the younger teen group.  The Mom and her girls went home with no lip gloss.  The negative and suggestive messages prompted the three friends to start a line of the best lip gloss for tweens.  What’s Your Virtue is a positive brand girls and their moms can be proud to wear and recommend.  The idea behind the name was to encourage young women to find the beauty within themselves and remember how important and attractive morals and virtues in a woman can be.  Today, What’s Your Virtue lip gloss, Lip Bliss is available in 6 sweet colors with equally sweet names like Devotion and Kindness.  The Lip Bliss line includes ingredients like fortifying castor, cranberry, and safflower seed oils along with nourishing peppermint oil.  The Lip Bliss line is also gluten free, has not been tested on animals, and contains no parabens or harmful toxins.  I was sent Devotion in light pink and Wisdom in a darker wine color.  The Devotion is perfect for Caitlin because it gives her lips just a hint of color but the gloss has a nice shine without being too glossy.  Although the Wisdom is s bit dark for Caitlin right now, I am very happy to wear it as I think it is perfect for my complexion.  You can purchase the What’s Your Virtue Lip Bliss for $12 each on the What’s Your Virtue Website as well as specialty stores across the country. You can stay current with whats new at What’s Your Virtue by following them on Twitter.