cbgirlThe Cardboard Girl Gives Bullying The Flick is a wonderful book to begin a conversation with your child about bullying.  Cora is a beautiful and imaginative girl who just wants to help all her friends be happy.  As she encounters kids in her everyday life who are sad, hurt or lonely, she draws from her colorful love of nature and super inner strength to help heal her friends.  Drawing her friends into her world inside her playhouse full of color and surprises, she is able to bring healing and love to her friends by way of song and dance and a rainbow colored cardboard outfit she has made herself.  But, can this sweet red-headed little girl help all of her friends?  Read this book to find out how she solves her biggest challenge in helping her friend who is being bullied, and have your eyes opened to the realization that “the bully” is also being bullied too!  I have found a book to share with my children whether they are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied and what they can do to help!

Author Marika Spaseska is passionate about empowering kids!  She has written a perfect short story for use in schools (ages 7-12) as a learning resource on bullying and what to do about it.  Teachers can easily add to this book with a discussion to really engage kids in talking about this widespread problem.  Her story creates great visuals for children to imagine what it is like to be bullied in a simplified manner.  She shows how abuse is not only physical, but verbal and emotional too.
The author was inspired to write The Cardboard Girl because of her niece’s experience with bullying in school.  She also used her 17 tears of experience as a social worker to tell a story aimed right at kids.  She wants to empower all kids who are being bullied by showing them by example how to speak up and tell someone about what is happening.  She also wants to teach kids to reach out to someone who is being bullied by standing up with them or help them tell someone what is happening.  If you are being bullied, tell your parents, tell a teacher, or ask a friend to help you.  If they don’t listen the first time, tell them again and again until someone listens!

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