clothes for pre-kThis week will be my son’s very first day of school ever, so I wanted to make sure that he would look his very best in an outfit that he was comfortable in. Naturally, I thought of the Children’s Place. Jakobi is showing you how is is going to do awesome in school with his two thumbs up, ready for anything look! He will play hard, learn hard and have fun. He will need clothes that can withstand all the adventures he will be on, so it is good that the Children’s Place clothing is always high quality and reasonably priced. The Children’s Place is a trusted brand, one that I have been shopping at for years; and my oldest, Billy, who is now 19, attended many of his first days of school dressed in Children’s Place clothing.

Mix and match school outfits

One of the things that Jakobi loves about the Children’s Place is that he can sit on Mommy’s lap and pick out his clothing with me on the internet. He is such a clothes horse and has an opinion on everything he wears. He loves oranges, blues, and reds and has an affinity for hoodies and stripes. He also pointed out several outfits that he thought his nieces should buy, so we spent another hour “virtual window shopping” for them.

Back to school clothes

One of the best things Mommy likes about the Children’s Place clothes is that they all mix and match so well. So if you buy a few key pieces, you can have several outfit combinations. This way you can get more for your already well-spent money. I was able to purchase 3 long sleeve shirts, a pair of shoes, a back back, 2 pairs of shorts and a t-shirt for under $150. That is an incredible deal, and Jakobi had a blast modeling for Mom. He posed in all kinds of funny positions saying he was a flyer guy. (I think he meant a model for the catalog.) You can see what I mean by the pictures I was able to take of all his new looks!

The Childrens Place

He had funny names for all his poses like school boy, waiting boy, older boy all of which came from us talking about him going to school without mommy and being older. I told him how sometimes he would have to wait in line and listen to his teacher. However, he named this pose standing in the corner boy. Should I be worried that he is already practicing this?

first day of school

Which look do you like the best? It is so hard for me to choose because I really love them all. This Mom loves Children’s Place and knows best for the best Back-To-School Shopping. Right now you can even save 30% on certain pieces. Go shop now with the tax-free advantage!