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The Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets Can Make The Perfect Gift

When I am searching for gifts to buy for the people who have everything on my list, I try to find something that would be unique and useful. When I came across the The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio. I knew I had found the perfect gift match for a few on my list. I am glad it comes in a few colors. I know My mom will love it because it is green and saves money and the environment. My bother will like it because it is the newest thing out there and he likes to be on the forefront of technology. My son will be happy that it saves him money on his electric bill, but more so because he won’t have to remember to try it! I also love it for myself! I always forget to charge my electronics, so when I find one to help me harness the ever-present energy of the sun, I am all over it! The keyboard pairs so easily and I love that the keyboard is attached to the iPad with the flap. It makes for easy carrying and storage.

The Best iPad Keyboard Case

There are a lot of competitors out there, but which one holds the best iPad keyboard case? They are all equally great, but which one excels above all others? If a keyboard is added, that would be one step closer to the best. What if this keyboard case could charge the iPad while working on it? No more searching is needed because Logitech has been able to create a case that holds up to all of these standards and more!

Coolest Solar Powered Gadgets

The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio not only charges the iPad, but does so by using light. That is correct! It is solar powered. The iPad case is one of the coolest solar powered gadgets I have found! The Bluetooth keyboard can be recharged by using everything from lamp light to sun light. Once charged, you can even type in complete darkness. It will also be protected by the folio because it covers both the screen and it’s backside. No matter how many trips it takes in and out of bags, rest assure that the case will keep the iPad safe and sound and scratch free. It instantly turns on and off when opening and closing the case and props it up in order to watch movies and television. They offer it in carbon black, urban grey, ice blue, and coral pink to match any style! With all of these bells and whistles makes this the best iPad keyboard case for only $129.

Logitech also offers an array of awesome laptop accessories such as their speakers that are hooked up for USB audio. No need to worry gamers because they have awesome headsets that will blow the components out of the water. Logitech is able to create all of these great products because they have had many years of experience. Founded in 1981, they began the company by focusing on innovation and quality in order to make a better experience for their users. Today, they sell their wide variety of personal peripherals (for gaming, PC navigation, and more) to almost every country in the world. By studying their customer’s usage and product needs, they are able to make the perfect digital device to make life a little more simple and fun.


  1. I sure would love to see more products that are solar powered!! Don’t own an Ipad, but this sure is handy. Wish they made something for the kindle fire to make it easier to solar charge while on the go. I like their cooling fans for the laptop.. any chance you might review one from Logitech?

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