Frankenweenie White Carpet Premiere

The Frankenweenie Premiere was so much fun! In honor of the black and white stock animation film the carpet was a snow white in lieu of the normal red. The attendees and stars were donned in the the fashionable old film colors as well. There was a huge crowd gathered to catch a glimpse of the stars attending like Elvira and Winona Ryder.

Frankenweenie Movie night

Of course we took some pictures of ourselves along the way to show that we were actually present at this ground breaking event. Frankenweenie is the first stock animation film that was done in black and white and 3D.

Tim Burton Frankenweenie Premiere Event

We even stopped to pause for a moment to pose for our own glamour pics on the white carpet event. Once in the theater, we were able to sit in our assigned seats to enjoy the big event. Music was playing on an organ while we waited for the patrons to trickle in.

Inside the Frankenweenie Premiere

Now armed with popcorn and a drink, we were ready to be entertained. Stay tuned for the movie review… At the after party, the director Tim Burton signed autographs and posed for pictures as he was congratulated for a stellar film.

Tim Burton

Marshall & I posed in Black and White to go with the theme of the evening. We had a great time! Frankenweenie is being released to the public October 5. This is a great movie for tweens! I know my niece will love it!

frankenweenie black and white


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