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Fun In The Garden For Kids

With spring here and summer around the corner, many people are out working in their yards. With spring being a time of renewal, it is perfect timing to start a new project in the yard. Some families may be getting their flower bed or vegetable garden in order while others are shopping for saplings to plant. With so many advantages to growing your own food, a vegetable garden is a really great family project to get started on. If that sounds a little too much, may be you can find something on a smaller scale you and your family could put together. The Gro Project from Miracle-Gro is a great collection of ideas that can get your family in the garden together to have fun. Gardening does not need to be complicated or mysterious. All you need is a little guidance and a few supplies and you and your kids can get their hands dirty and get growing!

Fun In The Garden For Kids

I think a lot of families are afraid to jump into a gardening project because they just do not know how to get started. With the Gro Project, they take the mystery out of gardening and simplify it. With fun and easy projects to have fun in the garden for kids. You can choose from projects like the Toyarioum, the Oragami Garden or the G.Y.O.B. We thought the Toyarium was really cute and it is super easy to do. Check here for all the fun garden projects. The LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit or the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit would also make a great Summer activity.

All you need is:

  • A fishbowl or other glass container
  • A succulent or cactus
  • Moisture Control Potting Mix
  • Plastic toys or figurines from your kid’s room
  • Rocks
  • A spoon

All you do is:

  • Fill your container about 1/3 full with potting mix.
  • Plant succulents in the potting mix with your spoon. Add more mix if you want to create
  • A landscape
  • Arrange your toys
  • Spray with water when it gets dry

See how super easy it is? Be sure to follow the  Miracle-Gro Pinterest page. A lot of green thumbs are using this as a forum to come together and share gardening stories and inspiring pictures. Also, be sure to visit them on Facebook and see more details about all of the Gro Project's. You and your kids can roll up your sleeves, get dirty and grow something beautiful together!



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