Hottest Tech Gadgets For WomenDo you have a woman on your holiday gift list that would love one of the hottest tech gadgets for women?   Have several friends and family members who are very much addicted to all things technology, so to give a popular gadget as a gift is a no brainer!  What I wasn’t sure about when I was looking for this item was the cost and how likely would my recipient be to use it?  I was pleasantly surprised to have found several affordable tech gadgets that are very “in” this year.  I hope one of these suggestions will help you with your holiday shopping as well.

Hottest Tech Gadgets For Christmas

  • Charger/Speaker:  My daughter and her boyfriend go camping quite a lot and they are huge music lovers (as am I).  Chelsea mentioned she would love to take a charger/speaker camping that was durable and affordable.  I found a fantastic item that is made from stiff silicone and is shaped like a boom box from the 80’s (the best decade for music!!).  The device is for any iPad, iPod or iPhone device and delivers a great sound.
  • High Def Cameras?  One of the coolest gadgets this year are cameras that deliver a multi-level light field that transforms your pictures and videos into something very close to a high def television picture.  The other cool thing is many of them are quite small; one of them can fit in the palm of your hand!
  • Camera Mask: If you are a water lover, this is the coolest item I have seen in a long time.  The design is simple; underwater mask with a mini camera attached.  You can take surprisingly sharp and clear photos of your favorite underwater creature.
  • Mini Lights:  If you travel or are a night owl, a mini light is perfect for you!  With a small clip on book light, you can see what you need to without bothering your plane mate or sleeping partner.  One trusted brand that has a very affordable clip on book light is Ozeri.  You may recognize the Ozeri name but you may not be aware of how diverse their product line is.

Clip On Light For Your E-Reader

A clip on light for your e-reader is a great gadget for any number of situations. My husband hates it if I read or work in bed because the light bothers him. The Kandle II ($14.95) is a small but powerful LED light that gives you plenty of light on your Kindle, but none on your soundly sleeping partner.  The light can be used for a hardback book, a table, an e-reader or a computer.  I have been using my Kandle II with my computer and I love it.  The light is nice and bright but beyond the scope of my laptop, it doesn’t spill on to anything outside its direct path.  You can purchase the Kandle II from Ozeri at Amazon or at the Ozeri product page.