The HTC One Is The Most Beautiful Smartphone

Do you remember how exciting it was to make your wish list for the holidays when you were a kid? You would look at ads on the TV, look through the Sunday circulars and browse through magazines and catalogs for ideas. By the time your parents announced it was time to open gifts, you could hardly contain yourself. Well, for some of us, that excitement is as present now that we are adults as when we were kids. When a new item comes on the market that is just too good to be true, often it turns out to be a mega disappointment. Well, it is time for a change and with the HTC One, you get a fantastic product that will have you giddy at the thought of owning one. It was recently named “Most Beautiful Smartphone”, and with the sleek design and incredible features, it is no surprise. When I think of beautiful, I think of my kids first of course! I have the 3 most handsome boys ever and I love to take tons of pictures of them. I can take the most beautiful pictures, which I bet is just one of the many features which contributed to the HTC One being named Most Beautiful Smartphone

HTC One Can Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

If you are a busy person like me, you will appreciate the features on the HTC One can make your shopping easier this holiday season. If you send your spouse our to do some shopping and they are not sure which model or toy to buy, they can use the high resolution camera to take a picture and send to you via SMS for your approval. With the amazing sound quality of the HTC BoomSound on the HTC One, you can rock out to your favorite tunes as you make your way down your holiday shopping list. With the 4G LTE you can access the apps to your favorite stores and pull up your coupons in a snap, making the need for printing them a thing of the past. If you are looking for affordable gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season, there are some great deals on the HTC One from Sprint and Verizon.

The HTC One itself is one gorgeous phone with the sleek designs and slightly industrial edge. The front speaker grill give the phone an industrial look as well as a great sound. It is hard to believe something as small as this grill can produce such crystal clear sound. The glass on the phone covers the entire face, going from edge-to-edge, giving it a very modern look. The phone is a little over 5″ tall and is incredibly lightweight, which you would not think with a phone of this size. With the curved design of the back, the phone fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for comfortable use. With the 4.7-inch, 1920 x 1080 display, you get the best resolution of any phone you could have. This makes the HTC One a perfect phone for someone who loves to watch movies, videos and such on their smartphone. If you are a gamer, the screen is great for you as well because it almost seems to bring your game to life! Kids as well as adults will love using the phone for this use! The HTC One can eve change your channels for you with the Sense TV™. In a few steps, you can select TV channels, access your program guides, adjust the volume and and more. They even make it really simple to switch from your old phone to your new phone!


If you love to take pictures, this is a great phone for the novice or the more experienced. It is easy enought to use for beginners, but has a lot of cool features the more experienced photographer would appreciate. They have just 4 MP in this camera but it takes a great picture and compensates for other models that have a lower light issue. So if you are in a venue with poor lighting, you will still get a great picture with this camera. This camera also takes pictures faster and shares on your social media, through SMS and online faster as well. It has a really cool feature called Zoe, which allows you to take 1 second of video before and 3 seconds after before you press the shutter button. This means it takes a video and still pictures at the same time so you can grab a still you want from the video. It is especially really great for taking action shots like at your kid’s sports activities, a concert or whatever else you care to shoot. You can edit, crop, add filters has a great auto focus and a ton of other great features. It has a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 1.7GHz, 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and several other bells and whistles.

You can purchase the HTC One with Sprint or Verizon service for $49.99 from November 25 through December 7. Beginning on November 25th, HTC is being featured in Times Square with a digital billboard. People passing by can enjoy the beautiful photos taken by visitors to Times Square as well as people across the country. Not only will people be excited to see their pictures displayed across Times Square, the submitted photos could be eligible for a chance to win an HTC One each week. To sweeten the deal, two lucky winners will receive a special edition 24-carat gold plated HTC One valued at more than $2,500. For more information on how to enter, you can visit Be sure to stay current with the latest from HTC and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.