You have seen in my previous posts about Angel SoftIdeal Balance of Softness and Strength talking about the Scrolls of Wisdom – The Lessons I Have Learned From ParentingWhat Is The Ideal Balance Of Softness And Strength? and how Angel Soft Has Softness And Strength. Now I want to tell you about an experience I had with my son. My dear sweet son, Jakobi, just turned 5. I know deep down it is his secret mission to make me go prematurely grey. Recently, he had a severe allergic reaction to an unknown and we have been scrambling trying to figure out what…but that is a story for another day. Being a mother can be super tough at times, which is why we have Mother’s Day to celebrate how awesome we can be.

This story is about the first time I had to dig deep down to find that balance of softness and strength with him. My husband was away with his job for 6 weeks at a time. Of course, smack dab in the middle of this time, Jakobi decided to test me. He had gotten a quarter that had rolled under the table. I had glanced over at him just in time to see him reach for it. In slow motion I leaped toward him just as he popped it in his mouth! OMG! I just knew he was going to swallow it. He had never done this before, but in my gut I just knew it was going to happen. Sure enough, he did and it got stuck in his throat.

I panicked inside, but kept my cool so I would not alarm him. The quarter was stuck in an up and down position so he could still breathe. I knew if it turned sideways it would completely block his airway. Directly after I had scooped him up, I had grabbed my phone and called 911. Jakobi was crying, scared and clutching his throat. I had to reach down inside my soul and find my inner strength to keep calm, all while crooning and being reassuring with softness to help Jakobi stay calm.


I think it is amazing how strong you can be when faced with a crisis. I told 911 what happened, while holding Jakobi and trying to keep him from worrying. He was coughing, so I was hoping he would cough the quarter up. I knew not to reach my hand in there because I could tip it sideways. Finally, while on the phone, Jakobi threw up on me showering me with his breakfast, juice and the quarter. I had never felt so relieved in my life. He was okay, and to this day he warns everyone about putting money in their mouth! He even helps make sure that all the money he sees wherever we go, is put up high. I cherish my son, and am so glad I was able to be soft and strong at the same time. I am so glad that I will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my boys and have the chance to make cherished memories with them! What are some of your most cherished memories of motherhood?

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  1. How scary! My son is 3 and we’ve had some close calls on him putting things in his mouth that he shouldn’t, but knock on wood, we haven’t had a serious problem yet.

  2. Wow, I feel so relieved that you had a good ending after reading that.. I totally got worked out! How scary! So glad you were able to stay calm and comforting and that it came back up. I can only imagine what you all went through!

  3. Angel Soft is the only brand that I use because my skin is so sensitive and this is one of the few that don’t cause as much irritation. I actually bring Angel Soft with me when I travel to hotels!

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