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My boys love playing dress up. I think it is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and spark the imagination. You can pretend you are a mighty superhero like Batman or a villain like the Joker. I always say you are only as bored as your mind. I am sure this stems from my mom always telling me if I was bored it was my own fault for not being creative. My sister and I used to have so much fun playing dress up when we were kids. Everyone knows girls dress up, but I think people forget that boys like to play dress up too. There are plenty of dress up costumes for boys to wear. There are superheroes, pirates, action figures, movie characters, servicemen, animals, and so much more. The possibilities are only as limited as your mind! You can see how my family gets ideas for dress up and purchases costumes to wear from Costume Express in my  Google Plus Album.

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Many boys, including my oldest teen have such a hard time unplugging from electronics. They rarely get away from “screens”, and the art of imaginative play can be lost (or never even found). This is why I take the time with my boys to help create entire play days of pretend. First, I let them help me in my decision making process while browsing through the site. One of the features they enjoy at Costume Express is the Costume Express Dress-up page. You can go directly to the costume and dress up ideas instead of having to sift through costumes to find the items you really want. Right now, Costume Express offers free shipping for orders over $75, and 15% off with email sign up, so you can save a ton.

Play dress up (1)

Then we set the stage or city in this case. I used the many boxes I get delivered from UPS to make cities. We set them up for the boys to jump over while saving the citizens from the evil robot! We made the robot out of boxes and bottles and wrapped them in tinfoil. I mean you have to have a villain to save the city from right?! Have no fear! Super Mason is here!

Play dress ups (2)

Super Mason showed off his muscles. I had confidence he could get the job done! It wasn’t long before he leapt over the building and cars to get to the robot threatening his city! Would he get there in time? Would Super Mason be able to take down the shiny nemesis?

Play dress ups (1)

Woot! The job has been done, and now the city is safe once again! Or is it? Batboy sighted an oddity in the scope of the robot. What is it? What could the boy dressed in black be seeing?

Play dress ups (5)

Want your kids to have this much fun? Follow @CostumeExpress on their social media accounts, and get shopping!

Is that another monster? How dare he think he can prevail with two such heroes on the job?!

Play dress ups
The race was on. Would they make it in time? Who would reach the many-eyed rouge on the fence. Could they get him down? Would they work together? The suspense was killing me!

Play dress ups (6)

At last the caped crusader wrenched the blight free. Sweaty and tired, but with smiles on their faces, our boys finally retired to the cool indoors. We had a blast, they got exercise, and we bonded. The possibilities of a fun afternoon are only a click away! Costume Express can bring an adventure to your door…will you accept the challenge? Who would your child be if you Unplug to play?

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  1. I love the photos! We are race car drivers these days, my son has fallen in love with his trucks and cars and we zoom them all over the house and yard!

  2. How stinkin cute is this!!! I love that they could get unplugged and just be themselves! My kids love to do this too!

  3. So cute! Looks like they had a great time. I’ve noticed that when the ADULTS are willing to “unplug” and play, kids are way more likely to join in than if parents are sitting around attached to screens. It can be lots of fun to join in with them, too. 🙂

  4. Our public library is having dress up tonight for the kids (a Halloween event in July, why…I don’t know, but we’re going). 🙂

    I agree it’s fun for them to dress up and play pretend. My son loves costumes way more than my daughter ever did, it’s one of his fave things. I’m headed over to take a look at Costume Express.

  5. Your boys are SO cute! OH MY GOSH! And so buff! Where on earth did they get those muscles?! You must feed them lots of spinach and make them pump lots of iron! 🙂

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