To start the New Year off with a bang I am offering this giveaway to my readers!  This Mother-load Giveaway Bonanza includes:

  • Newborn Deluxe “Little Rockstar” Woombie $30.00 value
  • Navy Blue Baby Bond Couture Nursing Sash and Baby Band $35.00 Value
  • A Bubble Blast Dropper Stopper $13.00 Value
  • 2 Da Bibs $20.00 Value
  • Carson Udder Cover $32.00 Value
  • Milk Band $7.00 Value
  • Washable Breast Pads $7.00 Value
  • Black Modest Middle Tank top Medium $30.00 Value
  • Amadeus Healthy Eating leak proof and small and medium feeding bowls $25.00 Value

The giveaway portion of this post has been removed and you can find the winner on the winner’s wall. This review and giveaway was provided at no cost, but the opinions expressed are still 100% my own.