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The Nanny Notebook Giveaway

Leaving your baby isn’t easy for every mom. As a mom, I always worry and I never want to miss a moment. I was very excited when approached to review The Nanny Notebook. I am a mom of two little girls and have had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom for the most part. As my second one is growing, I have started to do more and more professional photography. This means my girls get to spend more time with their grandma’s, auntie’s, and even daddy on the weekends when I have a wedding. Through the juggling around, it’s nice to have a book that has their current schedules and useful information for their “babysitter”. It also gives me a opportunity to see what they did throughout the day.

The leather cover of The Nanny Notebook I received came in the color pink. I’m a pinkalious kind of gal so this was the best color for me. The Nanny Notebook also comes in green. The cover is beautiful. It’s a soft leather with “The Nanny Notebook” engraved on the top as well as a few accent designs. It attaches together by a magnetic leather flap on the right hand side of the book. When you open the book, there is a side pocket on the left and the right is a binder that hold the Nanny Notebook papers as well as a leather pen holder. The binder clip is very appropriate for this kind of book because it makes removing old papers and adding refills easy. The book is divided up into chapters. These chapters are easy to find by the tabs: nanny notes, current routine, emergency info, and baby first aid. Each chapter starts with a “insert photo here” page. Such a cute way to display your favorite pictures. The Nanny Notes section is filled with single pages (front and back) that are for the caretaker to fill out while mommy (and/or daddy) are gone. The Nanny Notes section has a place for the date, time, notes from mom, what the baby ate, how many diapers and whether they were “normal”, what the baby’s mood was, notes to mom, sleeping schedule, if there were any bumps and bruises, shopping list, and if there were any phone messages. The single front to back page covers it all.

Current Routine section is also filled with single front and back pages for mom to fill out before she leaves the house. My husband really appreciates this tab because the girls schedules can change weekly and like most men, he hears only half of what I say. It really helps that it is written down. The Current Routine has the a place for the date, age of the baby, important things to remember, nap times, playtimes, meal times, and additional info for mommy.

The Emergency Info tab and Baby First Aid tab are a excellent source for it something were to go wrong while you are out of the house. I love The Nanny Notebook! It gives me a little peace of mind while I’m out and about. To purchase your own Nanny Notebook, visit the Nanny Notebook website, where it is sold for $31 plus shipping. Know that you and your babysitter are on the same page with The Nanny Notebook.
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