When you have kids, your furniture takes a beating. I mean a beating. I would need someone like the GSA  to come in a design me some indestructible, durable, non-wearing, non-staining furniture. What a minute, I might need NASA for that! So, there is an ongoing battle in my house the kids versus my brand new furniture. when I say brand new, I mean we bought it shortly after Jakobi was born, about 2 years ago. I guess to some that is not brand new, but to me it is still spanking new! Our bed, was a gift from my mom-in-love when I was pregnant with Jakobi weighing in at a large and in charge at 210!

For the life of me when we went to the store to look at designer sofa beds and standard couches, we ended up selecting a suede-like living room set which we scotch-gaurded. To no avail I might add. There are stains and pen marks and who knows what dripping in the seams, and now I know when selecting kids furniture (make no mistake about it, that is what ALL my furniture is), you should check for areas for potential hidden pockets where you will later find your remote, cell phone, car keys and anything that you need in a hurry and is important. That will be my number one buying factor the next time I buy furniture.

My bed, OMG, I used to love my bed before my kids peed in it. Need I say more? Oh and I had one of those handy-dandy cover to keep you from getting stains on your mattress. Doesn’t work. So how does the brand new furniture look in your house?

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