A Chef Of Your Own

As I walked over to the main house tonight for dinner, you could smell the deliciousness from the street. I am a huge sucker for the lure of savory meats. Linda Page from A Chef of Your Own is the Orlando Vacation Chef. She comes into your home while you are on vacation and cooks your meals for you so you do not have to. I know when I go on vacation especially to Kissimmee. After a long day at the park or on many of the adventures Kissimmee has to offer I do not want to come back to my vacation home to plan a meal or cook.

Cannoli Chips and Dip

Thank goodness for the services of a personal chef. Amazing Linda Page spent three hours creating a culinary masterpiece for twenty people. Twenty blogging moms and a Marshall and she did a fabulous job catering to the nutrition needs of us all. Our meal for the evening was Classic Caeser Salad, Lasagna and Bread followed by Rum cake and strawberries and Cannoli chips and dip.

The Cannoli chips were to die for. They tasted just like the canoli shells but were in chip form so you could scoop up the chocolate chip cannoli filling. Extremely addicting! with over 25 years in the Culinary field, Linda can come to your vacation home and whip up a meal from a simple breakfast to many courses. It is like fast food delivered to your house that is healthy, home cooked and with no travel required!

As part of the Kissimmee Dream Vacation, a meal cooked by Linda will be part of the package – get a head start on your entries by liking her Facebook page now!


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