Budget is one of the things to consider before traveling to a new destination. A lot of travelers find it hard to estimate the total budget for a trip, especially when they are on a low budget. If you are about to travel to a new place and you are confused about the budget, then you should research by searching some of the popular search engines. Another way to go about this is by asking people with good knowledge and have a good understanding of your proposed destination. In case you are unable to come up with an accurate estimate, you should add extra capital in case there will need to increase the budget at any point in time. The US is a good place to be if you are on a low budget because several places will fit your budget no matter how small the budget may be. Although there are several cities and towns in the US, when I must pick from some of these cities because of the various attractions present therefore you should know where you are going before leaving your home country. The state of California is also a good place to be if you are on a low budget. It is almost impossible to know the accurate budget you will need in California as some factors will determine this. Although no matter your budget, you will always find amazing places that will make your trip a memorable one. Below are some of the factors that will determine your budget;

Accommodation – this is a big factor that will add to your budget. Your choice of accommodation in California will determine how much you will be spending on accommodation and feeding. In case you are looking for a five-star hotel then you should be budgeting about $200 or more per night. Other standard hotels are not 5 stars but are amazing and will treat you like a boss; thus you should consider some of these hotels if you are on a low budget. But in case you are planning to leave a luxurious life in California, then you should go for the five-star hotel. You can as well rent a house if you will be staying for a long time in the State. You will find a good apartment with a price of $1000 in some of the cities in California.

The US is one of the few places that everyone wants to visit for one thing or the other. A lot of people want to visit the US because of the level of development and the various attractions that are distributed across the country. Do you know that you will need some documents before you can be allowed to enter the US? At times, you may be asked to drop some other documents because of one thing or the other thus, you should make it your duty to find out all the documents needed before you can travel to the US. The ESTA travel authorisation is one of the few documents needed by tourists travelling to the US. It is a different document that may serve the purpose of an American visa. Although only nationalities of some countries are eligible for the document while others must get an American visa before they can be allowed to enter at the port of entry. The international passport is another essential document that you must get from your country because it will contain your information. You may be asked to submit a driver’s licence if you are planning to drive while you are in the US. The US does not joke with criminals and you should always prevent anything that will put you in trouble.

Another thing you should do is to obey the terms of your visa. This could be a hard thing to do if you are not familiar with the terms of your visa. You should read about your visa type and the terms to prevent anything that will put you in trouble. You should also have it at the back of your mind that once you are deported, it will be very hard to go back to the US. Do not forget the ESTA visa status.

Your location – this is another factor that will determine how much you will be spending in California. In case you are planning to stay in some of the big cities like Los Angeles, and San Francisco, then you will have to pay more compared to staying in some charming small towns in the state. You don’t have to stay for a long period in some of the cities as you can Lodge for two days in some good hotels that will save you a lot of money. Your location will affect accommodation, feeding and other attractions present. You will enjoy your stay in California no matter your destination in the State.