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The perfect gift for the child in your life VeggieTales DVDs

The holidays are approaching and I found the perfect gift for the child in your life, VeggieTales DVDs!  My daughter (4), Isabella loves the singing, dancing veggies with a message also know as VeggieTales.  I have been given the opportunity to review Larry Learns to Listen and Bob Lends a Helping Hand.  Each day we have time set aside for Isabella to watch something special of her choosing.  I put the new DVDs into the rotation and knowing her like I do, I knew she would notice there was something new.

Christian DVDs for Kids

My personal favorites are Christian DVDs for Kids, the new releases by VeggieTales are fantastic. Isabella chose Larry Learns to Listen first.  The story is about Larry so intent on playing his new game that he doesn’t heed his friends warnings.  When the game breaks he realizes that he should have listened to his friends, they save the day for Larry.  I have been having a problem with getting Isabella to listen recently so this DVD couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  After watching it, she said to me “Mommy its very important to listen and I am going to listen from now on”!  This made me feel good, I knew she had gotten the message they were trying to convey with the DVD.  I am not too proud to admit that I need help from time to time and I had come to a point where I didn’t know what to do about her not listening to me.  I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to review the DVD and that it had such a positive impact.  This DVD also had two additional shows: Pistachio: The Little Boy That Wouldn’t and Josh and The Big Wall.
Bob Lends

Morals and Values in Society

Veggie Tales is bringing back morals and values in society, I am very thankful for that!  In Bob Lends a Helping Hand, Joe’s mother hurts herself (broken toe) and Bob wants to help her.  Larry and Joe want to lend their help as superheros but Bob has other plans, in the end they all realize that they can work together and lend a hand even if they are superheros.  Isabella is a warm, loving and extremely helpful child.  She loves to help me with her little sister whether it be bathing her, playing with her or feeding her.  It warms my heart to see them interacting with such love and kindness to each other. This DVD had two additional shows: Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue and Lyle the Kindly Viking.  I love the messages behind the VeggieTales DVDs.  They are Christian based which is a huge plus for me because I know the language and lessons in each DVD will be positive and beneficial to my children. I don’t have to worry about foul language or bad behavior rubbing off on them. I feel like it is so important to screen the types of shows my children watch because there is way too much garbage on TV.  Isabella attends a Christian pre-school and they watch the VeggieTales DVDs on occasion as well.  My youngest (1) Grace, enjoys the DVDs as well.  She dances along and bobs her head to the music.  The color schemes they use in the DVDs are eye catching but yet very pleasing to the eye.  You can purchase Larry Learns to Listen and Bob Lends a Helping Hand for $14.99.  VeggieTales has a variety of products including a full line of CD’s, Books, Toys and Apparel. These DVDs are awesome and I have added them to my list of gifts I need to give for Christmas! Check them out on Facebook!

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