When it comes to back to school shopping, shopping at Kmart is a no-brainer. Since classes are soon to be in session, we’re getting a head start on Debating 101 with a pro/con list, get ready to take notes to ace that style exam:
The pros of shopping Kmart Back To School
– You might be voted Most Likely to Succeed AND Most Popular
– You’ll be so happy, you could break out in song at any moment
– The hallway in school will feel more like a fashion runway
– You can earn points on style & redeem them on after school fun (that video game, perhaps?)
The cons of shopping Kmart Back To School (ok, these aren’t really ‘cons’)
– You’ll have to watch out for the paparazzi trying to snap photos of your trendy style
– Non-stop questions asking where you got your clothes
– Feeling bad for students who overpaid for their back to school style
Take a look at what is sure to be the video of the year & get ready to rule the school: