Boca Raton Resort and Club Golf Course

OMG! Golfing is so much fun! I just do not understand why guys get so upset at such a fun game! We were able to lounge around in the golf cart, playing in the fun Florida sun, and chase balls into holes. Sounds pretty stress free to me. Ha! I soon learned many people are SUPER SERIOUS about GOLF!

golf course at Boca Raton Resort

I have watched the PGA with my dad occasionally and I have played my fair share of putt putt. You would think my vast experience would instantly make me a course expert! However, being the good girlfriend that I am, I opted to tag along to learn all I could anyways.


[column size=’1/2′]golf really[/column]

[column size=’1/2′]rules to golf at Boca Resort [/column]

Jason, being the good sport that he is, was ever so patient in showing me the ropes at the Boca Resort Gold Course as well as the rules to golf!

The Rules To Golf …as I see it

[em]The gentleman golfer fills his divot.[/em] The sand in the back of your golf cart is a divot filler. It wasn’t left over from the last little kid who drove the cart. Filling a divot is not supposed to be fun or celebrated. It seems the filling of a divot means the golf swing was angry, a shot was missed or just bad luck? Perhaps it doesn’t mean anything at all (there were so many rules, you cannot expect me to remember them all.

the mystery of divots explained

[quote cite=’Jennifer  {In her best stately voice} ‘ align=’right’]During a proper game of golf a certain etiquette is followed[/quote]

[em]The water and sand are NOT to make the golf course pretty.[/em] Nor are they for the caddies to sun themselves when they get a break. It seems they are there for the sole purpose of annoying the golfers. If your golfing buddy gets stuck in the sand, do NOT attempt to get the picture of him getting out. You will be doused with sand.

doused with sandgolf roots
[em]There is an order to the golf course in which you must follow in a timely manner.[/em] Crazy right? You have to go on the path, in a consecutive manner. You aren’t allowed to skip around and if you’re the one stuck with driving, you have to pay attention to signs and stuff… (totally Jason’s job). You also have to keep quiet when golfers swing AND you should not take the time to take pictures unless the staff is as courteous as they are at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, one of south Florida luxury resorts (for a reason).

After a half day of my very first time on a “real” golf course, I’ve decided it can’t be that hard. I was right! See me shoot a hole in one below!

When Jason and I visited the Boca Raton Resort & Club Golf Course, we were lucky enough to have free time to putt (hee hee) around and take some pictures. The course really was beautiful and I had a great time.

nail travels golf date

If you want to read how awesome the place was from his point of view, go see what he said in his post, Boca Raton Resort & Club Golf Date on at Nail Travels.


[tab title=”The Resort Course” icon=”0xe8b4″]

This stunning par-71 course plays 6,253 yards from the back tees and features a variety of elevation changes and 12 surface acres of water including a signature water feature designed by Hugh Hughes. The Resort Course is dedicated to Tommy Armour and Sam Snead who both served as golf professionals at the Resort from 1926 to 1955, and 1956 to 1969, respectively.

  • Gold Tees: 6,253 Yards; 69.3 Rating; 128 Slope
  • Blue Tees: 5,902 Yards; 67.6 Rating; 124 Slope
  • White Tees: 5,588 Yards; 66.4 Rating; 119 Slope
  • Green Tees: 5,142 Yards; 64.3 / 68.7 Rating; 107 / 122 Slope
  • Red Tees: 4,503 Yards; 65.5 Rating; 112 Slope

Note: only Resort guests and Premier Club members may request Tee Times at the Resort Course


[tab title=”Country Club Course” icon=”icon-awesome-flag-empty“]

Featuring the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School and a variety of other exclusive facilities and services, the Club delivers the perfect blend of history, amenities, luxuries and challenges for your next Florida golf vacation.

  • Gold Tees: 6714 Yards; 73.0 Rating; 138 Slope
  • Blue Tees: 6,361 Yards; 71.1 Rating; 132 Slope
  • White Tees: 5,776 Yards; 68.4 Rating; 121 Slope
  • Red Tees: 5,298 Yards; 71.7 Rating; 131 Slope


[tab title=”The Kellie Stenzel Golf Academy” icon=”icon-awesome-flag-empty“]

Rated continuously as a Top-50 Teacher by Golf for Women and a Top-100 Teacher in the nation by Golf Magazine, Stenzel has over 15 years of experience teaching the game. In addition, she played golf professionally for several years on tours around the world including the Futures Tour, European Tour, Asian Tour, South African Tour and Australian Tour. Features include:

  • Private lessons
  • Daily clinics
  • Three-hour schools, focusing on putting, chipping, and pitching, full swing and video analysis
  • Full-day school with on-course time
  • Junior golf development


[accordion title=’Green Fees’]

Round (includes cart) Resort Course Fees Country Club Fees
18-hole round $216 per person $97 per person
9-hole round $155 per person $78 per person
Unlimited golf after 1pm $134 per person $112 per person
9-hole round after 1pm $96 per person $68 per person

[accordion title=’Golf Lesson Fees’]

  • One-hour private lesson: $150 per person
  • Half-hour private lesson: $75 per person
  • One-hour daily clinic (10am – 11am or 3pm – 4pm): $40 per person

[accordion title=’Golf Club Rentals’]

  • 18-hole Nike Covert 2.0 rental clubs: $90 per person
  • 9-hole Nike Covert 2.0 rental clubs: $70 per person



  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I’ve never golfed before, but knowing it’s not so serious & stuffy makes me want to give it a shot.

  2. 8This course looks like the perfect one for all your energy. I like the fact that they have five distinct types of accommodations, each with a unique essence and architectural style.

    • It really was beautiful! I was fortunate enough to be able to take my time to look at it all. I would say it was one of my top 5 favorite vacations!

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