Background checking sites are becoming increasingly popular. They’re an excellent tool for employers to vet potential new hires and have loads of other possible uses too. These can include checking out the honesty of a business partner or hiring someone to take care of your children. It could even be to verify that your date is a real person. There are now loads of great sites out there that make the background checking process much easier. These sites take care of background checks, providing you with all the details that you’re looking for about a person.

Because there are so many different background checking services out there, it’s hard to know which is best. We’ve tested some of the top sites to determine the sites that provide the best possible service. Below is a list of some sites out there and the features that set them apart from the rest.

  1. UnMask

UnMask provides a simple to use search that’s incredibly quick and easy to complete. This company provides a web search that can provide you with lots of information about a person. All you need is the person’s full name and the city and state they live in. Once you’ve provided these details, UnMask can tell you what you want to know. Facts you can find from the site includes contact details, criminal records, and financial records. The service is ideal if you’re checking information on the person before you hire them. It can also be for finding out more details about a date, or just want to check someone’s honesty.

  • Intellius

Intellius provides detailed reports about any person provided you can give the person’s full name and where they live. Reports include details about the person’s education and employment history. It also provides a full report on their criminal background. This includes any arrests, charges, and ongoing court cases involving the person.

The site also automatically adds you to a subscription list after you request a report. So if you’re not going to use it regularly, make sure you cancel after it’s complete. The employment and education details make this background check service one of the best for companies looking to verify CVs.

  • Instant Checkmate

This service completes the background check fast while still providing lots of important details. Reports feature up to date details on everything from criminal records to contact information. Marriage history and assets are also included.  Checkmate has a subscription service that gives you unlimited background checks each month. This plan is perfect for companies looking to hire the right candidates. For people who want to use the service a single time, though, it can be expensive compared to other services. The site also charges if you wish to download any of the reports that it produces.

  • US Search

US Search provides a comprehensive online checking tool that searches through all available data about a person. Enter the person’s full name to come back with details. These include criminal background, current and former addresses, contact detail, and known assets. One thing that US Search doesn’t show is the person’s marital status. The service is a good value compared to a lot of the other background checks out there, and you can download a full search report for a low cost. If you want to find the person’s full criminal history, however, you normally have to pay extra.

  • Truth Finder

Truth Finder operates using a subscription-based model. That means if you only want to perform one or two background checks, some of the other services are probably better suited for you. As for the search itself, Truth Finder uncovers any details about a person that are available to find online. This can include information on social media and dating sites. The site even offers a self-check service and lets you see if any of your personal data is available online. If you subscribe to Truth Finder, you’ll even be able to hide your personal details from other Truth Finder searches. This is useful if you want to protect your privacy online.

  • Been Verified

Been Verified tailors its service towards people looking specifically for employment history. If you’re looking for a former work colleague or need to find out the history of a job candidate, the service is great. Been Verified can also reveal other details about a person, such as their current contact information. However, it’s not as accurate in some areas as some of the other checking sites on our list. It provides better value for money, though, so if you’re only interested in employment history, it’s one of the best.

  • People Finders

People Finders is another service that uses a subscription model for its pricing. You can run as many checks as you like while paying the monthly subscription cost. If you want to download a full report on the person, you’ll also have to pay a bit more. These reports will include details such as contact information and criminal history. Information about the person’s marital status is also available to see.