Verizon DNA phone
I love my music. It calms me down and soothes me when I am uber stressed from my day. It keeps me company when I am alone waiting 12 hours for a plane. (When you travel like I do, it happens more often than not) It reminds me of the good times I have had growing up and with my friends. Music is nostalgic and new, and it makes my soul happy. So, I am sure why you can understand that I like my music to sound as best as it possibly can.

I have been trying out the various apps that are available through the Google Play. I used to use, but have recently switched over to Spotify. I learned from the Howard Stern show (don’t judge m, but I am an avid fan) that a portion of the money goes to the artist. I think that we need to support our artists for their works. Anyways, you can use Spotify for free or as a paid subscription. I was able to test the beats audio sound on a variety of genres and was pleased, as always, with the quality of the sound. I know I will never buy another phone without it. There is that big of a difference.

Using the Bluetooth capabilities, I was able to listen to music through my portable Bose speaker I got from Verizon this past week at CES. Now that is just paired perfection. Seamlessly streamed music throughout my house while I worked simply made my day. The sound does matter in your phone.

As ambassadors, we are responsible for the care of our Verizon phones that we are currently testing as part of the Ambassador contract. Verizon has partnered with OtterBox to help us safeguard our devices. I believe this is because Otterbox is a top quality phone case that actually can protect from even my clumsy self and raucous kids. I love the clip that comes with the Otterbox defender because it helps me keep track of my phone. If I keep the clip on my purse, it has become habit to put my phone into the clip. Easy Peasy.


Manufacturer: HTC
Network: Verizon – 3G/4G LTE 700 MHz
Display: 5″ 1080p S-LCD 3 (1080 x 1920) 441ppi
Processor: Quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro
On-board Storage: 16GB
Micro SD Storage: Non-expandble
Rear Camera: 8MP
Front Camera: 2.1MP
Video Recording: 1080p HD
Connectivity: 3.5mm, Wireless Charging, NFC
Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n
Android OS: Android 4.1+
Physical Keyboard: No
Bluetooth: Yes – v4.0
Battery: 2020mAh
Hotspot: Yes