Voices of Frankenweenie

Shown left to right, Charlie Tahan (voice of Victor), Robert Capron (Bob) and Atticus Shaffer (Edgar), are three of the most talented young voice actors I have ever met. Okay they are the only voice actors I have ever met, but I am sure I would have been impressed nonetheless. These boys warmed my heart to know that they were just average kids with the same excitement and awe of Hollywood and Tim Burton as my own teenage son. Atticus claims that The Corpse Bride was his favorite movie and he loves how Tim Burton creates his own world. He explained on being asked if he was excited about working on the film Frankenweeine that after the defibrillator woke him up he was very excited, “Just awesome.” Atticus is very animated, much like his character and loves to do impressions and accents. It was like he was born to do this part. After a year-long audition processes, the three boys were elated to have won the part in a Tim Burton movie. The trio admired the directors work and all had a favorite Burton movie.

Rob explained that there are so many different variables that go into film making that voice over is so much easier. He did say, however, that talking to yourself could be kind of weird. Atticus chimed in that he talks to himself all the time. I thought he was an adorable young man and the boys seemed very sure and confident of themselves.  I am always amazed at the vast amount of talent that can exist in such a small package!

The movie took three years to create and only came in about 10 times where even a few of those times were just to grunt or sigh. With such simplicity of a voice over, “there is such a complex world that wraps around it”, Atticus explains on, “It is a good solid 3-4 hour recording session. They look for the right way to find the perfect grunt or line.”

On the subject of Tim Burton, Charlie says, “Tim Burton is surprisingly normal.” Atticus goes on to explain, “He is so creative and wants to do his own thing, groundbreaking – first 3d black and white animation” He pauses and goes on to say,”His mindset – being a part of his mindset was phenomenal.” Robert stated in a matter of fact tone, “He knew exactly what he wanted and just knew what he was doing.” While Atticus added, “and able to convey that.” It was easy to see the admiration and respect these boys had for their director.

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