So you have decided to join the rest of the world and get current on your technology checklist? Well, you will need a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop and probably should throw in an MP3 player as well. Although you can get great music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, it is nice to have your little MP3 player to stick in your pocket or backpack. Now that you have gotten all your mobile devices, do you know what you will need to keep them working at their optimal performance? The experts recommend you should have at least these five items for your mobile devices.

Top Five Mobile Device Accessories

  1. Headset, headphones or ear buds
  2. Charging cord with A/C adapter
  3. Protective screen cover
  4. Protective case
  5. Portable device charger or battery

For me, I take my mobile devices with me virtually everywhere I go. At the very least, I always have my smartphone with me and most likely, I have my MP3 player as well. If I am waiting in the car pool lane for Caitlin to get out of school or for my physical therapy apportionment for my shoulder, I like to listen to music. If I am going to be gone for an extended period of time, I will bring my tablet or my laptop so I can squeeze in some work if there is any downtime. If I am traveling, then I throw the whole kit and caboodle in my suitcase and they all travel with me! It seems that no matter where I am traveling, I end up with at least a 2 hour layover in Detroit. Since I have been there a time or two, I have seen all the cool things to see and ridden the tram, so I usually work while I wait for my connecting flight. Of the top five mobile accessories on the list above, my must have is the portable device charger.

I was recently sent the Moonstone 3000 portable mobile device charger from Lepow International and I LOVE it! Moonstone has “Rest and Wake-up” function. This allows Moonstone to sit un-used anywhere for up to 6 months without losing its charging capability. When needed, Moonstone “wakes-up” to charge a device at anytime anywhere. Moonstone can be used for 3 years re-charged over 500 times. The Moonstone charges all devices, including cameras, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and gaming systems. It has 3000 capacity, is approximately 3” x3”x1/2” and has an incredibly fast charging interface. It comes with a fashionable grey woolen felt carrying case with closure, a USB Micro cable and comes in five colors including black, white, pink, yellow, and neon green. I love how small and light weight it is and I can easily pop it in my purse, backpack or carry on bag. The smooth and sleek look is so modern and I have had several compliments on it while on my layovers! Lepow is an innovative company where fashion and quality meet. The Lepow Creative studio, was established in 2011 in Hong Kong, China. They are the winner of the 2012 Reddot Award for design, Chinese Design award, and many other design awards. The studio works under the shared beliefs of “Adaptability, Creativity, and Pro-environment.” You can purchase the Moonstone 3000 mAh for $50 and the 6000 mAh for $70 from Amazon, eBay and Newegg and will be available from other fine retailers soon.

One USA reader will win one Moonstone 3000 mAh ($50.00) in their choice of color, based on availability


  1. This Moonstone device is my favorite, never heard of anything that does such a thing this blog is opening my ideas to a lot ! how exciting?!

  2. My favorite product from is the LEPOW-MODRE(Magic Elephant)
    Product DimensionDiameter 58mm*Height 89mm
    Bluetooth SpecificationCorresponded to Bluetooth V2.0+EDR(A2DP)
    Transmission Distance<10M
    Output Power3W
    Internal Power-supplyLithium Battery3.7V/500mA
    Play Time4 hours
    ColorsApple Elephant、Little Flying Elephant、Tropical Elephant、Snow Elephant

    Very cool

  3. The Lepow Modre looks cool. I like the design, the name ‘magic elephant, and that it’s wireless.
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  4. Seeing as how I only listen to the radio lately on my laptop cause I blew out my receiver- I could use some Le Pow Modre!!

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