The Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

My parents were big on education, so my sister and I were taught to read early and were encouraged to work hard. We were also told not to settle for the information the schools gave us, but to always search for new information. To this day, I still read a lot, am still in school and can kick butt in the NY Times Crossword (except I do mine in pencil!). My kids have also been taught to love learning and to reach for higher levels of education. When we are at home, we often play word games or my husband will choose an unusual word and teach it to the kids. It is funny when we have company and the kids use on of those words in a sentence. The looks on the faces of our friends is priceless! Studies have shown as we get older, our minds are not as sharp as they used to be. So my question to you is, “How Sharp Is Your Mind”? Take a look at these tips to keep your brain fit!

The Top Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

  • Exercise: I was surprised to find that aerobic exercise is good for your mind as well as your body. When I thought about it, I should have known from my nursing school days. We have oxygen in our blood and in order to keep our brain healthy, we need oxygen to be carried to the brain. What a better way to do that than with aerobic exercise like walking, running, dancing or chasing your kids at the park.
  • Diet:Eating a healthy diet of grains, fruits, vegetables and good carbs will keep your body and your brain healthy. Eating fish is a great choice as the Omega 3 fatty acids have shown to boost brain development and power. Coffee has been shown to have anti-oxidants that are good for your brain.
  • Sleep: Are you getting enough sleep? Many people are not getting the required amount of sleep, which on the average is between 8-10 hours each night. If you are sleeping less, you should make some changes to get more sleep.
  • Tease Your Brain: If you want to keep your mind sharp, it needs to be as active as your body. One way to do that is to give it a good workout. Pick up a crossword or a word jumble and give your brain a little word cardio! Another great workout for the noggin is word games like those from one of my favorite companies, Educational Insights

If you were to look in our TV cabinet, you will find it filled with games, many of which are word related games. Not only is it fun to play word games, but it is great for the kids because it helps them build their vocabulary. I am always on the lookout for a good game and I can always count on Educational Insights for giving me a lot of options. One of the reasons I love this company so much is because they have a great variety of products I can use for Henry with home school and his therapy for his autism. There are so many choices that I am always like a kid in the candy store when I shop for him. When one of my favorite contacts, Caitlin, asked if I was interested in reviewing a new game called Wordical, I said YES! This game is AWESOME! The game is super easy to play and it only has 2 items: cards and a special pair of vowel die. Each person gets 5 cards and they take turns rolling the dice. The object is to use as many letters from your cards and the die to add up to the highest score. The game moves really fast and you get sucked in and have so much fun, you will look up 3 hours later and cannot believe that much time has passed! Education Insights is based in California and the staff is dedicated to providing their customers with educational products that are lots of fun. You will only find the highest quality inventory at Educational Insights including items for home, the classroom or even your therapists office. You can purchase Wordical for $12.99 on the Educational Insights website.

One reader will win one game of Wordical ($12.99)


  1. my favorite product is the Hot Dots® Jr. Interactive Storybooks – 4 Book Set with Ace Pen

  2. As someone who is studying to teach ESL, I like the Wordiac. I feel that having a few of those in my classroom would be pretty helpful.

  3. I like the Wonder World, but it is a bit pricey and for the classroom. The GeoSafari Bug Scene Investigation Kit is much more reasonable.

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