The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Party planning is one of my all time favorite things to do! Holiday and birthday parties are great, but what could be more fun than an engagement party? Traditionally, the engagement party is thrown by the bride-to-be’s parents, but these days it can be hosted by anyone, including the couple themselves. This year seems to be a hot one for proposals, cause I know tons of people that are bravely and excitedly planning to tie the knot. Whether you are hosting the party or just helping with ideas, these tips should help make everything run smoothly.


Follow these great tips when hosting an engagement party

  • Pick a date: As a general rule, engagement parties are thrown around 4 to 6 months after the proposal, but there is no harm in celebrating a little earlier or later if that’s what fits best into your overall plans.
  • Get your guest list finalized: Double check that you didn’t forget anyone and that everyone you are inviting is also on the guest list for the actual wedding.
  • Register for gifts: It’s never to early to start your gift registry. Most people bring a gift to the engagement party as well as to the wedding and people love to know what you really want! It sucks to buy a gift thinking, “I sure hope they like it, don’t already have one…” One place a lot of people don’t think of for a wedding registry is Best Buy, but there are actually tons of items any couple would love. Let’s face it, electronics and technology gifts are the ones that always outshine the rest! If you’d like to stick with tradition, this Cuisinart Griddle/grill sure beats any old toaster!


  • Pick out centerpieces and decorations: If you wish, choose a theme that reflects you as a couple or something that reflects your two families. No need to go overboard, though—the point is to celebrate your engagement.
  • Plan some fun activities: Think about things that are simple and fun and involve everyone. Something like a scavenger hunt could help everyone get to know each other.
  • Plan the menu: Don’t forget to consider any special diet needs.
  • Mail invitations: Give people plenty of time to RSVP and include the gift registry information with the invitations.
  • Get the wedding party involved: Call for all hands on deck to help decorate, cook, serve, and clean up after the party. Usually the people in the wedding party are closest to the couple, so they don’t mind helping out. Leave the vacuuming to the awesome iRobot Roomba 880, and while you’re at it, pick one up for the happy couple, too!
  • Get the venue ready: If you re planning an at home party, it’s always polite to let the neighbors know. Make sure there are enough seats for everyone, give the lawn a manicure and of course, make sure inside the house is sparkling clean. Set the mood with music pouring from your Sono Bluetooth speaker.
  • Get all the shopping done: Make lists and check off items as you go. Give yourself plenty of time to shop for decorations, party supplies, food, drinks, and anything else you might need to make the occasion extra special. Keep track of all those lists on your HP Pavillion touch screen laptop.


The Best Buy Wedding Registry has many options and price ranges to choose from. They also have a group gifting option, so you can pay whatever you can afford towards those big ticket items that the happy couple really want. If you’re not quite ready to register, you can poke around the site and view sample starter registries to get more ideas. I love the modern shift towards gift giving that’s happening thee days. Much more exciting than china and crystal to dust!