The World Almanac and Book of Facts

My dad is pretty hard to shop for but every year I get him a gift that I know he will love, The World Almanac and Book of Facts.  My dad loves history and world news but also loves to learn new little fun facts.  He will occasionally impress us with a random fact that no one has ever heard of, many of which he received from The World Almanac that I gave him from the prior year.  My dad loves books and always has The World Almamac close by for something light and fun to read.

Reference Book of Facts

The World Almanac and Book of Facts is really the best reference book of facts.  This book has everything from the most visited social networking site to the nation most dependant on nuclear energy (Facebook and France, if you are interested!).  Did you know Wisconson has the HIGHEST high school graduation rate in the country (89.6%) or that the number of triplets born in the US has more than doubled since 1990?  Neither did I until I started reading The World Almanac and Book of Facts.  There is a section in the front of the book that lists the top ten news stories of 2011, including the Commando Raid in Pakistan that killed Osama Bin Ladin and the Japan Earthquake, Tsaunami and Nuclear Disaster.  They also list some surprising facts as well as the “number ones” (top selling cars, fastest roller coasters, etc).  It gives a breakdown of “American by the Numbers” which gives interesting facts about our country such as the average number of hours spent watching TV per week and the US annual per capita consumption of chicken.  Just a few facts that you never knew and so many more are included in this book!

Book of Statistics

Not only is The World Almanac and Book of Facts full of fun and interesting information, it is also a great reference book of statistics.  Everything is organized in categories and includes a general index as well as a quick reference index.  You could pick this book up a hundred times and learn something new every time.  This makes a great gift for a history or trivia buff, a student or anyone learning to enrich their lives with new and interesting information!  Some highlights of this year’s World Almanac and Book of Facts include a time capsule, a year in pictures, 2010 census results, election preview 2012, offbeat news stories and sports upsets, to name a few!   The 1,008 page “go to” reference book retails for $12.99.  Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information.